7 Mistakes To Avoid While Filing A Slip & Fall Lawsuit

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Filing A Slip & Fall Lawsuit Effective Ways You Can Protect Yourself from a Lawsuit 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro | 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Filing A Slip & Fall Lawsuit | Slipping & Falling for someone else’s negligence!

On paper, it might not sound like something which is very serious. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

First, whether it is public or private property, you should know any kind of negligence which can threaten to injure someone is not acceptable.

Second, you could be seriously injured and might need some medical help-You shouldn’t be the one paying for that!

Did you know!

There have been more than 1 million visits to the hospital just for the purpose of slips and falls, or other people’s negligence. You can read more about the different ways you can file a lawsuit form here.

Yes, a lawsuit!

Will you still say that call slip and fall is not a big deal!

Regardless of your age or gender, if you are the victim of a slip and fall, you are determined to file a case.


Here is all you need to know!

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the common mistakes you can make during a slip and fall, just to educate a little more about this scenario.

What Is A Slip & Fall

Let’s say you slip and fall in the middle of the street and have a serious injury. Then you discover it is the fault of someone else. Will you be paying for the entire medical bill which is needed to heal you?


This is when you need to file a slip and fall lawsuit.

Here are some of the common cases where your case is eligible to be filed as a lawsuit.

– You fell and got injured in a public place when the authorities should have warned you about the danger, for example, the presence of water and fluid without any warning, which can easily make someone trip.

– You are around private property, and you fell and injured yourself for the negligence of the property owner.

– A property owner was indulging in activities that can threaten injury, and someone has been injured.

As private or public property owners, it is their responsibility to keep their area safe for others.

Mistakes To Avoid While Filing A Slip & Fall Lawsuit

Now that you have decided to finally file a lawsuit, here are the few things you have to keep in mind.

In short, these aren’t the mistakes you have to be aware of and stay away from.

1. Getting Up From The Space

No matter how big or small the injury is, when you know it is not your fault. Do not simply get up from that space and do everything by yourself.

Try to get the property owner or any high authority on the scene. Ask them to call for medical help.

2. Not Calling Up The Witnesses

If you have seen people witnessing the injury due to the negligence of others, request their presence in the same field.

There will be people who are willing to help you and give them your testament.

3. Paying For The Medical Bill

If this is not your fault, why should you be paying for any medical bills?

No matter what happens, try your best not to pay any medical bills. Talk to an attorney and ask them to take up your slip and fall case.

4. Waiting To Take An Action

Why are you waiting for action!

No matter what the seriousness of your energy, you shouldn’t wait to call for an attorney and take up the rightful steps.

5. Self-Blaming

This is the last thing you would want to do when you are in a slip and fall case due to someone else’s negligence.

Do not let the property owner talk you into admitting fault.

Neither should you manipulate yourself!

6. Not Doing Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is very important in order to show all the proof and testaments. Take the help of a lawyer if needed.

Take a photograph of the injury and keep all the statements ready.

7. Accepting Offers From Insurance Companies

The insurance company is not your friend!

They are representing the property owner and will try to settle this with the littlest expenditure. Never accept the first offer you get.

It Is Not Your Fault!

Never blame yourself for your own injury!

The negligence of the property owner has to be punished rather than taking all the blame here.


Never accept the first offer.


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