7 Hacks to Make Moving House Hassle-Free 

7 Hacks to Make Moving House Hassle-Free  The Main Reasons to Use a Moving Company 4 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Melbourne Small Business Can Benefit From Movers Freight Factoring move movers moving company

Negosentro | 7 Hacks to Make Moving House Hassle-Free | There is nothing more stressful than moving house. Uprooting your home to shift into another is a mammoth task, and many soon find themselves drowning in mess. You’re constantly tripping over wayward furniture and boxes, and hunting for essential items. Moving house is inconvenient at best. 

But never fear, with a few simple hacks, moving can go a lot smoother. Read on to learn 7 tricks to make moving house a lot easier and less frustrating!

  • Take Pictures

We’re not talking about pictures to help you remember a beautiful home and time of your life. You should also take pictures of your packing boxes, and the items you put in them. You can look at these pictures when you can’t find that one really important thing and are faced with a sea of boxes. 

These pictures also come in handy when you need to set up your TV, gaming system, PC, or any other device and can’t remember how you did it originally. Simply referring to pictures you have will help you quickly set up all your devices. 

  • Pack Up! 

While it’s obvious that you need to pack to move house, nobody tells you that you need a first-day (or week) bag. The chances are you’re going to be too tired to set up your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom on the first day. That is when a first-day bag comes in handy. 

Pack some clothes, hygiene essentials, towels, medicines, and utensils in this bag – all the essentials you’ll need on the first day, or week, depending on how long it takes you to unpack. With the first-day bag in hand, you can focus on resting and taking in your new home before tackling the hassle of unpacking. 

  • Clean Out

From clothes to furniture, you need to purge before you move house. Take a look at your closet, furniture, kitchen, toys, books, and even cables. Anything that you haven’t used in six months is probably unnecessary and should be left behind. 

Pack up any clothes you haven’t worn in years and leave behind those books you’ll never read. This will make it easier to pack as well as to set up your new house. You can donate anything in good condition to local charities and thrift shops so you won’t be wasting anything. 

  • Eat Up!

Much like the purging you did of your house, you also need to purge your kitchen. Empty your fridge and eat leftovers for breakfast and dinner. Don’t try to buy an excessive amount of groceries in the week or two before you move – this is just more you’ll need to pack and move! 

In particular, get rid of all cold and frozen foods which will perish during the move. If you have too much food and don’t know what to do with it, donate it. The same goes for any pet food you have on hand – either donate it or let your pets feast for a few days. 

  • Keep Your Clothes On

A ridiculously easy way to make moving house extra simple is to leave all your clothes on their hangers. Put your clothes with their hangers in giant garbage bags so that you can quickly hang them back in your wardrobe with minimal effort. 

Keep your clothes on the hanger hold a large garbage bag under a certain section of clothes. All you need to do is pull the bag up until you reach the neck of the hanger and then tie it up! Take the hangers out altogether and pack them away in boxes. When you’re unpacking, just put the section of hangers back onto the rack and slip off the garbage bag. Easy peasy!

  • Dresser Drawers 

Those dreaded dresser drawers are easy to deal with the right approach. If you’re taking the whole dresser with you, then just wrap the drawers in plastic. Leave all the stuff in your dresser drawer – this makes packing infinitely easier. 

The plastic wrap prevents the items in the drawers from falling out, or from harming the wood itself. Alternatively, you can remove the drawers, wrap them in plastic and store them, as is, in large moving boxes. This saves you time, and everything will be in its place as soon as you’re in your new home!

  • Professionals Do It Best 

Moving house is a big deal. There is no end to the boxes, furniture, and things you have to keep track of and move. To make matters worse, many items are incredibly heavy. If you’re moving to an upper floor and can’t use the elevator, then you’re in hot water. 

Hiring professional movers is the best advice anybody can give you. As professionals, they know how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting, and everything will reach you safe and sound. Let the professionals handle it!


As exciting as it is to move house, it’s also a big job. It can take months to get everything in order to arrange a big move. Before you start crying in frustration, make sure you use every sneaky hack in the book to make your move smooth and seamless! 

Negosentro | 7 Hacks to Make Moving House Hassle-Free

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