7 Fascinating Reasons to Push Your E-book Business


While E-book business seems to be “not there” yet, it is now gaining popularity to the reading public because of the convenience it offers. Aside from that, here are some compelling reasons to push your E-book business:

  1. Small production cost.

In starting an E-book business, you need invest on time, knowledge, and creativity more than money. The starting capital for an E-book business is virtually small. You can start right at your home, in front of your computer, and the only thing you need to pay for is your electric bill.

  1. Doing your share for mother earth. 

One of the very obvious yet important reasons of doing an E-book business is that you don’t need papers to print, publish and sell your products. Paperless means to trees needed to be cut down, no factories needed for producing your product.

  1.  No need to rent for a storage space and no shipping hassle.

Because you are selling digital products, you don’t need to have a large storage area. There is no need of buying products again and again and no need to have an inventory of the products because they are stored on your computer. Also, you can send your products to clients in different parts of the world with just one click.

  1. Have a broader range of audience and target market.

If you are a freelance writer you can give a sample of your E-books for free. And if your audience loved your E-books, there’s no reason why they won’t revisit your page and ask for more. This way, you earn from your E-book business and at the same time, earn as a freelance writer.

  1. Showcase your writing expertise.

Having an E-book, authored by yourself will help establish your credibility to your audience.

  1. Have a product that is easily accessible to your target market.

Since you are selling a product that is downloadable, the readers don’t need to go to a shop to hopefully spot your book, but its’ right there on their computer, just a click away.

ebook (1)

  1. Have a product that is searchable.

Because your E-book business is in the digital world, people can just search for topics that they want and be able to see your books. Share your content in an easy to navigate page to increase the chance that your E-book will be read and bought.

Producing an E-book will push you beyond the limit of your skills and imagination as a writer. You will be an instrument for educating the public, sharing your views and opinions with them, challenging them and inspiring them with an instrument that’s one click away.

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