7 Easy (and No-Brainer) Ways To Boost a Website’s Rankings & Traffic


Greta Garner, Negosentro |  Do you have a website that is directly connected to your income, either your own company or an affiliate site? Are you interested in finding ways to boost websites traffic so that you can increase your sales? If so, there are many different marketing techniques that are available for you to use.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have an awesome website. If it is difficult to navigate, unattractive or otherwise unpleasant for visitors, your efforts to increase traffic will be futile. Although you might be able to drive a bit of traffic to your site, folks won’t stay on your landing page, much less take a look around at the rest of your content.

Invest in a professional web design team with the skills and experience to create the perfect site for your niche. Additionally, you will need SEO services to ensure that your content is above reproach. The combination of these two will do a lot to help retain visitor attention and revisits. Once you have a great site, you can begin sending traffic to it with the knowledge that visitors will be able to find relevant products and information.

Social media websites provide excellent opportunities for companies looking to expand their reach and increase brand recognition. Rather than trying to find every single site that you can sign up with, focus your marketing efforts on no more than seven. If you spread yourself too thin, it will be virtually impossible to maintain all of your accounts. Talk to your marketing team about which sites have the best opportunities for businesses similar to your own.

To make the most of your social media accounts you should take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities. You can define the parameters of each campaign to ensure you stay within budget and reach the right target audience. With the right ads, this can be a superb way to drive traffic and spark interest in your company.

You should have an e-mail list already. If not, you need to start creating one from viable leads. Offer the recipients something in return for recommending your site to someone else. For instance, you might give your original customer and the friend free shipping. Make it a special deal just for the newsletter recipients to further entice folks to share your site and bolster your traffic flow.

When you are looking for ways to boost websites traffic, you should also take advantage of paid ad opportunities on Google. More people use this search engine than all others combined. Reach these folks with specially targeted ads for people who are ready to buy. Design special landing pages for these campaigns to help you track the responses you get from various ads. This will allow you to further refine future ads.

While there are certainly other means to get more visitors, these are the first ones you should add to your list. An attractive website that is easy to navigate and has relevant content is the foundation of your business. Start there and work your way out using these and other proven online marketing techniques.

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