7 Different Ways to Make Your Mattress Last Longer


Leena Quiozon, Negosentro | When it comes to making sure that you have great sleep, then you’ll need to focus on your mattress! After all, how will you be able to rest well if you have a bad-quality place to sleep in? That’s why it’s crucial to keep your memory foam mattress well-maintained until it’s time for replacement, which is usually 8 to 10 years. And as long as you take care of it well, you’ll be able to have it last for as long as that, maybe even more! But how can you do so? Read on as I show you 7 different ways to make your mattress last longer.

  1. Using a Quality Base  

If you have read up on what your mattress manufacturers say, they would recommend certain types of bed frames or bases which are compatible with your mattress. You can usually find this in your mattress warranty’s fine print. The bed frame or base must be able to take your mattress, made of quality material and meets its criteria. Make sure to check the base out every few weeks to see if there are any forms of damage that can affect the mattress and its functionality.

  1. Avoid Too Much Stress on the Edges

Make sure that you do not put too much weight or pressure on the edges or on the mattress itself. Yes, this means NO jumping on the bed, whether you’re a lightweight child or adult. Too much undue pressure will cause damage to the mattress. The weakest point of it is the edges, so avoid sitting on them too much as well, which would cause wear and tear on the mattress. This goes for mattresses even with extra edge support.

  1. No Pets on the Bed!

Sure, you might think it’s very cute to sleep with your cat or dog, but you should take note that your pets can end up straining your mattress as well! Big dogs can end up putting too much weight, especially if they love to jump or move around. Cats can claw at your mattress without you knowing, and you won’t like the accidents your pet can make on your mattress! I suggest that you get your pets their own pet bed to lessen the risk of damage to your own.

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  1. Limit Food and Drinks or Other Vices

Your mom was right when she told you not to eat or drink on the bed, and for a good reason! Not only do they attract ants and other bugs, but they also stain the bed or crumbs find its way increases of your mattress, where you can’t see it. And when liquids or food residue begin to permeate, these end up degrading your mattress’ components, thus reducing its lifespan.

  1. Invest In a Mattress Protector

It’s best to invest in a mattress protector, which can help cover your mattress and prevent any buildup of stains and moisture, or any other things that risk damage to your mattress. This is best for those who have pets who like to claw, or for those who eat and drink in bed. Make sure that you get a quality one that will truly protect your mattress!

  1. Rotate Your Mattress

When you sleep on side of the mattress for a long period of time, it will end up having uneven patterns of wear. That is why it’s best to rotate your mattress every few months, using both sides equally. That way, you get to utilize the full mattress, lengthening its lifespan and getting better sleep. And when moving your mattress, do so with care to avoid any scratches, tears, or other forms of damage.


  1. Wash Your Bed sheets and Covers

Last but not the least, always remember to wash your mattress cover and bed sheets regularly, following the manufacturer’s instructions. These will avoid buildup of any sweat, dirt, or other particles that may meet with the mattress and damage it further. I recommend that you wash your sheets and cover at least once a week or month to keep the bed clean.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Through these simple yet effective ways, you’ll be able to enjoy your mattress for a bit longer until you will need to replace it. It’s cost-effective and can save you more in the long run.

I hope that this article on the 7 different ways to make your mattress last longer helped you out on what to do to keep your mattress functioning well for years to come. So don’t wait any longer and begin to utilize these tips for a better night’s sleep today.

If you have any questions o would like to share your tips and experiences on making your mattress last longer, and then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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