7 Best Putlockers Alternative Sites To Watch Movies For Free in 2021

Watch Movies For Free in 2021

Negosentro.com | 7 Best Putlockers Alternative Sites To Watch Movies For Free in 2021 | Putlocker is the worldwide famous torrents website to see movies and downloading games and other entertainment videos. The torrents are indeed the most renowned website. But other than the putlocker, there are almost ten types of free websites present online, which provide virtually the same facilities as the putlocker.

Other than the 0123putlockers. There are almost ten types of sites available, providing the facilities almost like a put locker. The putlocker and the other online websites, in most cases, are more prone to piracy. The proper use of the VPN is always mandatory for viewing any websites, especially any online streaming websites.  

The VPN will help the users to encrypt the data and the address from the hackers. These online websites are full of piracy, and hackers are everywhere. These websites do not demand any money to access updated movies and theaters. If they require something, then be conscious, it may be possible the hackers are demanding the money, not the website. The VPN usage will block this type of interference.  

7 Best Putlockers Alternative Sites

Putlocker alike movies streaming sites are all present on the internet. These online movie sites do not demand any money or any registration from the users.

Here is a small list of the movie streaming and downloading sites, which also work as putlocker.  

  • Solar Movies

The solar movie is a site that almost works as a multi categories online live movies streaming site. These sites never tell you to do the free registration for any film to watch. 

You can just visit and watch movies and tv series. The most important thing is the name is solar movies, but there are multiple options of websites that are also there. 

Suppose you want to view anything new, especially for new content. The website sometimes gives the options to register, but most of the time, the streaming video and tv series are free.

  • 123 Movies

123 Movies is an online movie streaming site that originated from Vietnam. This is also a movie streaming site. The website is quite impressive in aspect to any other movie streaming website.

You can see movies here for free on cost. The registration and prime membership are not a mandatory part of the websites. This site is fully loaded with multiple choices of movies and web series. The web series of different countries and the Asian drama series are all on a single website. 

The registration is not mandatory, and a free facility is always there. But if you want to access any new and updated content, then sometimes the site will give you the option to be their paid or prime members.

For updated movies and tv series streaming the facebook or any google account login is mandatory. The mandatory login and the prime members are having the opportunity to access and update contents.  

  • Go MoviesWatch Movies For Free in 2021 1

The go movies is another website of an online movie streaming site. The go movies allow you to see any desired films or web series from almost any country and region.

The multiple language options are also there. You can choose any language in any country. The subtitle is also present in the movies.

The movies are a website where the copywriting issues are vast. The new films and the other new web series are at a higher risk of piracy.

  • Yes Movies

Yes, movie another authorized website to see movies and streaming videos.

It has its apps. From the google play store, you can download the app and can see uninterrupted movies and web series. 

Yes, movies are another website where the people are quite engaged with it. This page is at a higher risk of piracy. Most of the movies are free.

If you want to see any updated and new movies, then the app will help you. Once you downloaded the app. then downloading the app itself gives you the option to be their paid or prime member.

The choice is up to you. The paid memberships are where you can have the opportunity to see the updated content and good quality movies.

  • Popcornflix

Popcorn movies are another option that will allow you to see free streaming movies and websites. The websites are fully organized; you can find the sites anywhere in the world.

This website is widely spread across the world. Sixty countries are covered with Popcornflix. The movies and tv-series quality are also acceptable.

The different countries and different regions are both available here. Popcornflix is also giving you viewers as much flexibility as possible.

 Popcornflix is the website on which you can avail of the facility from many operating systems and devices.

  • Primewire

At first, when the primewire just in the market, the massive storage of the tv series and web series. The popularity started to build when the big publishing of the series and web series publishing became successful.

It already has more than 9000+ tv and web series in its storage, including the huge storage of the movies.

The primewire movie’s quality is so good that the viewers stop to see the film in the theater hall.

They provide HD quality movies without even the registration, and the prime members are getting the facility for any updated new content.

  • Los Movies

The Los movies are another website which has their own app. The app download has the facility of keeping any prime members and taking the registration.

The free users will take the chances of seeing any movies which are just released.

Very few of the updated movies are altered for the prime members only. The prime members and the registered audiences are, most of the time, free of cost.

But if you are interested in accessing all types of movies and documents in the Los movies, then the usages of the prime and registered members will be helpful. 


After the copywriting problem and piracy problems arise. The 0123putlocker is no longer of any use with any free movie viewing. The new movie viewers have discarded the 0123putlocker.com website just because of the piracy and copywriting issues. 

Piracy and copywriting are so much that the hackers are mainly targeting the audiences who are interested in new content. They ask the viewers for paid registration. To keep themselves safe from these pirating problems. They start to use VPN to keep their address and identity safe from hackers. 

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