7 Benefits of Using a Wireless Panic Button

Wireless Panic Button

NegosentroSecurity has become high-tech now-a-days with the primary aim of providing us with safest environment possible. For that sole reason, new efficient technologies are developed regularly. Security system is one such innovation that has become basic requirement everywhere. If you are planning to install security systems at your home or office, don’t miss out on wireless panic buttons. You’ll thank us once you read its benefits.

  1. No Installation Required

Since its wireless technology, there is no installation required. And that saves you from a lot of stress. The wiring of a conventional wired panic button needs the assistance of a service provider, you’ll have to deal with the wires around your house or office even if it gives a messy and unorganized look. And that’s not the end of it, suppose you change houses or office. Alas, the whole tiring process is repeated again.

  1. Power Outages Not an Issue

Power cuts are common during adverse weather conditions but you cannot afford being vulnerable even at those times. A wireless panic button works on electricity when it is available and on battery, when it is not available. Talk about versatility. This makes a wireless panic button highly dependable at all times. If power outages are common in your area, don’t take chances and go for wireless panic button.

  1. Easy Accessibility

Imagine there’s an intruder in your hall, you have to press the panic button to alert authorities and call for help but you’re in the kitchen, and the panic button is in the bedroom, across the hall. Not a movie scene. This is a highly possible situation as you cannot stay near the panic button all day. But if you have a wireless panic button, you have access to it 24×7. Emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere so be prepared likewise.

  1. Portable

Portability is one of the primary benefits of a wireless panic button. Being small in size and no wires to bind it a particular spot, one can carry it around anywhere. This is extremely beneficial for large spaces like multi-storey house and office. One panic button for the whole space doesn’t seem that safe and getting lots of panic buttons installed at different locations can be expensive.

  1. Telephone Line Not Required

Telephone lines also have the chances of getting cut off during extreme weather conditions. Not having a mode of communication is not safe. Wireless panic button saves you from the uncertainty of a telephone line connection because it mostly uses digital cellular technology i.e. mobile technology. This means that a wireless panic button is as dependable as a mobile phone in contacting authorities, only quicker!

  1. Waterproof

The fact that wireless panic button is portable also raises the point that they can get damaged with frequent falling, sometimes into water. Those buttons are made with durable material so it can handle accidental falls. Plus, most of them are waterproof as well, so you don’t lose the device due to an accident. So, no more stressing out on unintentional water damages, just make sure you get a waterproof model.

  1. Best Personal Security Device

Owing to all the advantages discussed above, wireless panic buttons have proved to be the best personal security device. It is specifically recommended for elderly, differently abled and children, all those who cannot handle emergencies on their own. These buttons can be worn as a bracelet or necklace so one can carry it around effortlessly. Not just for security issues, they are highly convenient for medical emergencies as well.

Wireless panic button is one of the best safety measures that security systems provide in this age. As one can see all its plus points, it is clear that these buttons are no compromise. If these benefits are what you need, then what is still stopping you?

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