6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into the Perfect Viewing Party Venue


Negosentro | People’s creative lifestyles are giving birth to enjoyable trends. Among the relatively new but popular trends many are jumping in on are viewing parties. Such activities are held to gather die-hard fans of sporting events, TV shows and powerful film franchises. They have proven to be wonderful social affairs for like-minded people.

During the early days of viewing parties, they were typically held at restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments. With the activity being held at these venues, it goes without saying that viewers spent quite a sum of money on the entertainment extravaganza.

However, in recent years, the need to be more practical paved the way to making viewing parties more accessible and economical by taking the activity inside the home. In doing so, not only have such costly affairs become more affordable and intimate, they have become a more delightful as well because hosts can be as creative as they want.

If you are considering turning your home into a fantastic venue for viewing parties, here are six ways to do so.

1. Mount your TV on the wall

This is absolutely perfect now that most TVs are thin flat screen ones. Mounting your TV on the wall is an easy way to create a theatre-like feel to any viewing room.

When mounting a TV on the wall, however, make sure that it’s at the right angle, especially if there are windows around the room where light comes through. For this, you can hire a TV wall mounting service.

Professional installers will not only mount your TV securely, they will likewise make sure that it is installed in a way that glare is effectively minimized.

2. Have a new antenna installed – if you do not have one

There is nothing like bad TV reception to turn any viewing party into a complete dud. So, to make sure that there will be no hiccups to the show viewing experience, have a new digital TV antenna installed by experienced professionals.

The antenna can take care of reception problems. You will not have to worry about the signal weakening during crucial moments of a live sporting event or the season finale of your favorite TV series.

3. Deck out with décor

Follow the theme of the program you will be viewing. For example, if your viewing party is for episode one of the latest season of the Netflix hit, “Stranger Things,” hang everything up from banners to posters of the show in the actual viewing location (your living room or den, or your backyard).

Or, you can decorate your home to mimic one of the popular scenes of the show. For “Stranger Things,” it can be the scene wherein there were multi-colored string lights and handwritten alphabet across the wall of the Byers’ home.

Decorations do not need to be expensive. You can DIY most decorative items for a viewing party, or purchase them from dinky dollar stores.

4. Put up a snack stand

This is a must even if in a potluck set-up. A snack stand contributes to the ambiance by being part of the theme. You can place it in one corner of the room or set it up like a concessionaire’s booth outdoors.

5. Get your bathrooms ready

When you’re having a viewing party over, you can bet that there are only two places in your home that they will frequent – the actual viewing location, and the bathroom.

With all the food and drinks everybody will be consuming, frequent trips to the loo are expected. Prepare your bathrooms well by providing an adequate supply of toilet paper, liquid hand soap, mouthwash, small paper cups, hand lotion, and even cologne.

Also, make sure the bathrooms smell nice all throughout the day. Use an aroma diffuser or place some scented candles and matches on the bathroom counter.

6. For an outdoor viewing party – be sure to clean up your lawn

If you have a well-manicured lawn, you can easily create an outdoor theatre for your viewing party. The guests can just bring their picnic blankets and cushions or pillows to create a comfy sitting or lying down spot to watch the film or program.

Hire your local lawn care service to trim your turf and perhaps even get rid of any rubbish you may have in your home’s outdoor space.

Viewing parties are so much fun. They are prime examples of how good things do not always come at such a high cost. Most of the time, they are just simple yet calculated moments with people you like who also like the same things you do. So, enjoy!