6 Ways That Amazon CloudWatch Can Help Your Business

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6 Ways That Amazon CloudWatch Can Help Your Business | If you run a business that is standardized on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you know how tough it can be to ensure that every cloud tool or service utilized by each department is running smoothly. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and unable to keep track of all of your AWS tools and business processes, here are some ways that Amazon CloudWatch could make your life simpler.  

Simple Access to All AWS Tools

A CloudWatch API gives you the ability to access and view the performance of all of your AWS tools and data from one simple platform. Instead of having to log into each tool separately, you can log into CloudWatch one time and instantly be connected to all of your applications. This is especially important for those employees who are less technical — they don’t have to waste their time (and yours) learning how to use specific programs and creating logins for each tool that they need. In fact, all they need to do is use the program and go about their day. CloudWatch makes it simple for your tech staff to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

Data Monitoring

CloudWatch also gives your tech team a deep look into the performance of all tools in one easy-to-access location. Is a certain tool not performing well? Is there a tool that is not being used by anyone and could be removed to save on costs and data usage? All of this intel and more can be viewed in CloudWatch. If your businesses’ infrastructure runs exclusively (or nearly exclusively) on the AWS platform, CloudWatch is the perfect way to monitor all of your company’s important data.


Sometimes, it is tough to know what is bogging your system down or which program may be at risk of infecting your network with malware. CloudWatch allows your admins to keep a close watch on the performance of your AWS setup, and even customize alarms that can trigger when something is amiss. If abnormal behavior is detected, your tech team is notified so they can get ahead of any potential threats and get your infrastructure back to normal performance levels.


Since CloudWatch provides real-time data and notifications, if an issue occurs, no time is wasted trying to figure out which of your numerous programs may be the cause. Your staff can focus on their day-to-day tasks and won’t have to spend hours ensuring that each program is running smoothly for each employee. If a problem is detected, an alert is sent to your admin and he can get to work immediately addressing the issue. There is no need to waste time guessing and troubleshooting when there is an problem, so employee efficiency levels can remain high.

Cost Savings

Are you paying for a tool that is seldom used? Do you need more storage for one application but feel like you are overpaying on unused storage for another tool? Simply use the real-time monitoring to ensure that you are always paying for what you need, and nothing more. Stay within your operational budget by ensuring that you allot storage space to your web tools and processes intelligently.

Gain Insight Into How Your Tools Perform Together

Do certain AWS tools or processes perform less effectively when used together? CloudWatch’s analytics offer a granular look into the performance of each aspect of your system and can give you insight into which processes potentially bog others down. Use this intel to ensure that everyone in the company is utilizing their programs efficiently, and encourage employees to delete unused files and logout of programs when not is use so they do not slow the system down. 

Using a tool like CloudWatch makes it easy to track and monitor all of the programs and processes in your cloud environment. If your company uses AWS tools regularly, now is the time to strongly consider adding CloudWatch to your infrastructure.

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