6 Unique Product Ideas To Capitalize on


Sam Zaman, Negosentro | Starting a business today isn’t as difficult. What’s challenging though is to be able to sustain, making and keeping it profitable.

Equally important is to pick the right product that yields good margins and high on profitability.

Product categories like mobile, accessories, electronics, home items top the selling list, irrespective of the channel you are selling them through. These items have a good demand both online and offline.

But let me list some products today and not categories. I am sure it would make it easier for you, especially if you have little budget and can’t experiment with ideas.

  1. Fidget spinners –

This is one product which is most loved by children all over the world. It made appearance only last year when it suddenly gained popularity after people suffering from neurological conditions like ADHD and autism, started using it extensively.

Over 1% of the global population is suffering from Autism disorders presently which add to it business potential.

The fact that fidget spinners come in great variety and material options, it could be a lucrative option to invest in.

The Children toy market is a billion dollar industry today.

  1. Nootropics

The global market for Nootropics is forecast to touch USD 6,059 million by 2024. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9% from 2016. Nootropics are nothing but certain drugs and supplements that act as cognitive enhancers in both healthy and modern day population.  

As working cultures all over the world become more sedentary, involving high levels of stress and anxiety, Nootropics can be a quick solution helping to revive energy.

This is great in demand from professionals and people working in offices.

  1. Shapewear and Corsets –

Allied Market Research, has predicted the shapewear market would hit $5,576 million by 2022. In the recent years, women mindset has changed globally. Weight loss and belly fat is no more an issue to deal with. They are happy munching their favorite food courtesy of shapewears and compression wear.  

Shapewear include waist trainers, corsets, girdles and briefs. These were extremely popular in European countries in the late 20th century and making a comeback again. For example – steel boned corsets are very much in fashion and demand these days. Brocade, Satin and Cotton corsets are garnering huge popularity too.

  1. Elephant Pillows –

These are extremely popular among new parents. They are always on a lookout for cool toys for their babies.

Made of silken soft fabric and stuffed with polypropylene cotton, these are more than just toys for young babies.

They love using these as pillow, cushion and naturally stuff games.

There are three things that make it advantageous to sell elephant pillows these days. First – these are not available on most ecommerce sites yet. Second – The margin is good, just like with all other baby products. And third – It’s a new idea for baby toys which increases it selling potential.

  1. Maternity Dresses –

Shopping for a maternity gown or dresses can be difficult. Even if you are able to find a site, you would not be able to get the desired options. This is one product you can try and tap.

Though the demand may not be very high for these but you won’t find many sellers in the market either.

In 2016, it was predicted that the global maternity wear market would grow at a CAGR of 2.01% during the next 3 years. Clearly, it is one product which holds a good business potential, especially when the modern day women don’t hold back and like to work even during the pregnancy period.

  1. Stainless Steel Bottles

Don’t get confused. I am not talking about regular water bottles. Rather stainless steel bottles. These are any day better than other options you have.

Plastic bottles should never be used. We know how unsafe these are, to health and environment. If you’re still using them, these must not be used for longer periods.

Glass bottles need more care. These are breakable and cannot be carried out. These are also high on weight.

Aluminium bottles aren’t prescribed for healthy living either. Not environmental friendly and even dangerous in the long run.

Stainless steel is relatively expensive. And that is perhaps why these are not available on most sites.  Modern day customer is price centric, a factor that drives most sites not to have expensive items on sale.

Stainless steel bottles are healthier too. What’s more, you don’t have to shop for bottles everyday. Once purchased, you can use these for years. These are rust proof too.

Takeaways –

Try and think of an idea which is not so common. Even the customers don’t know what they want to purchase.

If your idea is novel and product is different and not seen before, people won’t hesitate to try.

Doing a business isn’t as difficult. You can even start with less than $500 in your pocket. All it needs is a little creativity of thoughts.

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