6 Unique Bridal Mehendi Designs You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

Bridal Mehendi Designs

Negosentro.com | 6 Unique Bridal Mehendi Designs You Will Instantly Fall In Love With | Searched all the journals and Pinterest Mehendi photos for your wedding and still couldn’t find unique designs? Worry not because we have done the job for you. We understand how important bridal mehendi design is for the bride and you might have saved so many for this day. But with time and changing trends, it all becomes so common that you end up deleting. We don’t want you to be disappointed or stress because here are some unique mehandi designs that you can always save for your wedding day or you never know by seeing these you might take some clue. Come let’s see what we have got for you:

1.  Dedicate your bridal mehendi design to your favorite music band.

This bride got her favorite music band carved on her mehendi design with some lotus motifs and intricate traditional mehendi designs. You can get yours too!

2. Ditch full bridal mehendi because this minimalist will grab more eyeballs

Just look at these beauties, aren’t these so unique? Like you can literally gaze it for hours to see how beautifully it is designed. The intricate floral detail at the top and the fingers, the birds all over, the big bells, everything is so unique about this mehendi design. 

3. Who will say no to a bail mehendi like this?

Bail mehendi might not be an option for many brides out there, but this design can certainly change your decisions. The portraits in it are giving very traditional and royal vibes.

4. A mehendi so minimalistic that who doesn’t want to look at your feet

This minimalistic mehendi is designed with precision. The design is so artistic that you will love to have it on your feet forever. This is certainly a unique design you can save for your wedding.

5. Florals for the feet are so pretty

This bridal mehendi design has a floral touch in it. Designed so intricately that you will love the result after it dries. Brides who are looking for something bridal yet not heavy can go for this one. 

6. Couple initials with some minimal designs

Carving initials has been a very common trend but making it this prominent is something unique and very trending. And, we love how this bride has kept other designs intricate and minimal and the focus is just on the initials. You can try this as well.

These were our personal favorite pick for unique mehendi designs. Let us know which one was your favorite and which one did you pick for your wedding. And, don’t forget to share your mehendi photos with us.

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