6 Types of Plantation Shutters to Upgrade the Overall Look of Your Home

6 Types of Plantation Shutters

6 Types of Plantation Shutters to Upgrade the Overall Look of Your Home | All of us want our homes to have a sophisticated and refined look. Whether we are moving into a new space or suddenly feel inspired to take up some home renovation, it’s always a good idea plan before we start such projects. The construction and structures of your home are just as important as the interiors, so it is a good idea to spend some time getting these right. Ensure your doors and windows are just as carefully curated and maintained, as the furniture and decoration will add some extra appeal. 

We have put together a list of the different plantation shutters that you can choose from. They will allow you to regulate the amount of light and air that enter your room as well as creative control over different aspects of your beautiful home. We hope you had as much fun reading this as we did putting it together! 

Full Height Shutters 

These types of plantation shutters measure the entire length of the window. They are one of the most sought-after styles of plantation window shutters because of their sophisticated finish. Rather practical for almost all types of windows, they are popular for living areas and bedrooms as they allow a decent amount of privacy and darkness. You can get them with a mid-rail in place or without one. This feature will let you have one half-open so you may regulate the amount of light you prefer to enter the room. 6 Types of Plantation Shutters

Café- Style Shutters 

This style of window shutters is great for introducing natural light into your room. We recommend them for your dining room as their inspired look will harmoniously contribute to the overall appearance of this area. Of course, feel free to have these installed in the room of your choice! They will give the impression of a well-maintained living space and will immediately elevate the looks of your home. 

Solid Shutters 

These are designed as solid panels and allow you to have total privacy when closed. As they are neither louvred nor slatted, they provide full coverage they can greatly reduce the amount of noise that enters your home. Usually made of solid hardwood, these shutters will create the atmosphere of a warm and cozy living space, making you and your loved ones feel safe and snug! If you are keen on a bit of literature and history, these are ideal for invoking the old English or Victorian aesthetic. Have fun with this one! 

Tier on Tier Shutters 

While these may look a lot like your full-height shutters, they introduce some oomph to your home! They have top and bottom sections that work independently because their upper and lower panels of these shutters are physically separated. So you can open and close these separately. These can be used in several different settings and are usually suited to most rooms in the house as they allow for privacy and quite a bit of light control. 

Vinyl Shutters 

If you have a fixed budget or want to spend a little conservatively on window shutters, you can consider going for vinyl plantation shutters. These are usually the least expensive of the lot. While they contain no wood, they ensure stability with PVC or aluminum. They are also quite weather-resistant and fantastic for areas exposed to some moisture. 

Reclaimed-Wood Shutters 

These shutters are made from wood that comes from previously existing structures. The wood used in these was once a part of fences, barns, and other structures. They are unique, with a bit of an old-school vibe, and their recycled nature makes them quite attractive. 

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