6 Types of Businesses That Need SEO the Most

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Negosentro.comSo you know SEO is vital to most businesses, but you’re not sure if it’s perfect for yours. While nearly any business can benefit from proper search engine optimization, there are a few industries which don’t need it as bad. Conversely, there are plenty of companies which need organic web traffic which SEO brings them.

Here are 6 Types of Businesses That Need SEO the Most

Small Businesses

These types of businesses usually don’t have any customers early in their lives. In addition to this, they might also have limited resources and can’t afford a good pay-per-click advertising campaign. On the other hand, SEO can be very inexpensive by comparison. This low cost can allow those startups to devote their money which would’ve gone to marketing, to scaling their business or possibly pay for unforeseen costs which come with running a business.

Competitive Industries

It’s not your fault if your specialty is competitive, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for the second page of Google. The two most common situations for companies in a competitive marketplace is either all of your competition is utilizing SEO, meaning you need to do so as well. The other situation is that none of them are using SEO strategies, which means you have a chance to rank high and cement yourself as the authority in your field.

Niche and Sub-niche Companies

Any company regardless of size, whose target audience is very specific can benefit from SEO. Niche companies usually have less competition and while their pool of potential customers is comparatively small, it usually converts higher than companies who need to target millions of people and hope for an extremely low conversion rate to turn a profit. So instead of creating fitness-related content, a niche company can focus on fitness for heart attack survivors, new moms, middle-aged men, or any specific type of person. Those keywords are usually far less competitive while also have in moderately high search volume.

Local Businesses

Local SEO doesn’t work the same as national SEO. If your base is local, you don’t need to worry about outranking the top companies in the nation. It is much easier to rank high in your city or metropolitan area. When people search for a business they need in their area such as roofing, plumbing, landscaping, etc. they’ll search online as opposed to using a phonebook or driving around looking for a business. The internet has made this process much easier thanks to Local SEO.

Businesses who offer online services and rank high in a major city are probably better than a local company who ranks high in a small city. For example, the best Denver SEO companies are probably better at SEO than the company which only ranks high in an outlying suburb. And since SEO can be done anywhere, you don’t need someone in your city. This is especially true if you find a great SEO company in a competitive city. In other words, you don’t need a local agency to do Local SEO for you and depending on your location, you should look outside of your town.

Medical Professionals

A subcategory of the previous entry, medical professionals such as dentists, chiropractors, and family doctors are some of the main businesses which hugely benefit from SEO. For starters, they’re in a highly specific field which can be easy to gain online visibility. Additionally, they’re local and when people experience symptoms, they usually check online and research shows over 60% of people click on results on the first page and many of them will schedule an appointment based on the website and its ranking.

Legal Professionals and Firms

Similarly, legal professionals can benefit from SEO as well. While the best lawyers in America probably don’t need SEO because their reputation speaks for itself, small local attorneys and firms need an efficient way to get their business in front of people who are searching for legal services. That said, even the top firms should still utilize SEO if they plan on remaining on top, mainly because their competition will be using SEO in an attempt to displace them.


This is list is just the tip of the iceberg. Other types of companies which need SEO are restaurants, bars, e-commerce stores, real estate firms, contractors, and salons. Additionally, automotive businesses which perform maintenance, detailing, and tow services also can benefit from SEO since many people don’t have the luxury of traveling in search of the right company when they need repairs, a tow truck, or even a car. While other forms of advertising might be effective, depending on your industry, SEO is known for bringing customers who are already looking to do business with the best company they find online. That reason alone is enough to consider investing in SEO services.

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