6 Tips to Enhance Videos as a Marketing Tool

6 Tips to Enhance Videos as a Marketing Tool video-marketing, videos-for-business

By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com | 6 Tips to Enhance Videos as a Marketing Tool | People today are more attracted to visual aids. That’s why Instagram and Snapchat were born. More advertising agencies are also focused on creating hit commercials to get the best attention of their client’s brands. In the recent report of Aberdeen Group, over 90% of companies are using videos for their content marketing. And today, because of the presence of Youtube, Facebook, and other social media sites, there are more channels for exposure to digital media such as videos.

1. Construct relevant content.
Don’t upload videos just to put it out there. Well-thought videos attract more audiences, a few brands are making waves on connecting their brand with several causes and social awareness. Also, create content that is useful for the viewers.

2. Quality and length of the video.
Create raw but clear videos that can ensure viewers to catch their interest. You should be able to know enough length of the video depending on the approach of the video, remember that different audiences have their own attention span so make sure the video will be meaningful and be remembered.

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3. Include Testimonials.
This is important in proving how effective your product is. Shoot confessions of your customers as truthful as possible. Let your customers create your content. Make sure to let them highlight how your product was able to help them.

4. Create a good copy and end the video with finesse.
Like making a copy of your photo, don’t let the video do its own magic. Write content to support your video and never end with a black screen. Leave the viewer a hanging question or anything to provoke them to buy what you are selling.

5. Collaborate with other players.
Not really connecting with the same products as yours, it can be a contrasting one; say for example, cakes and ice cream, what can you whip up to make a new product. It gives you a wider audience and you are not closing doors from new ideas, and relationships that can help you boost your productivity.

6. Measurement and Analytics.
How many hits did your video get? It’s easy to detect the number of views from Youtube. There is also Google Analytics, or WordPress even. Research how you will count the views of your video in every channel you uploaded it. Do surveys asking your customers on how they saw the product or what enticed them to buy it. This is the step that should be given attention to, it measures how successful or how wrong you’ve been doing to your digital marketing, then you know how to improve it.

If you want to add more ways to improve the visibility of your product, you may send e-mails while attaching the video in it. But make sure that your e-mail is like spam, customers don’t like their e-mails cluttered, make them feel that they receive such because they are prioritized. Once you get a hang of these steps, you will know how your videos support contribution to ROI.

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