6 Tips On How To Make Money Gardening

Gardening garden money Gardening at Home

Steven Clarke, Negosentro.comEven though a gardening is a great hobby, satisfying and beneficial in many ways, perhaps it is a time to look at it from another angle. Nowadays, in this hectic and concrete world, people show more appreciation of the gardens and organic products than a few decades earlier. Right there in your backyard lies a great opportunity to earn some money while doing the thing you like. Consider this as a most enjoyable part-time job ever, stress relieving job without the strict deadlines, without annoying coworkers, and with a great boss. You.

Consider livestock

Aside from the garden, if your backyard holds some extra space, consider keeping some livestock. Common options are chicken, ducks, and quails as for it is an easy and useful venture since it brings daily benefits. Not only that you will have a daily supply of domestic eggs, but you will keep a sustainable pet that weeds your garden and feeds of the table scraps. A flock of happy chickens can only bring income, whether with eggs or meat.

Start small gardening

Whether you are a newbie or experienced gardener, if you plan to start making some money, you should start small. You need to have some space, gardening tools, and seeds. Take time to think what is it that you want to grow and learn how to grow it. Planting two or three fast-growing vegetables can be an easy start. Only after you master the basics of gardening, you can include some of the more demanding plants. Some vegetables can provide a quick harvest within only a few weeks, so think ahead what to do with them and where to sell them.

Maintain, harvest and sell

Invest in some basic gardening tool and green up your fingers while plucking the weed, mulching the plants and fertilizing the soil.  Watering should be done regularly, however, make sure you are water efficient and consider Hoselink retractable hose reels for that matter. Unless you have opted for progressive planting from seeds, you will be able to harvest all the vegetables around the same time. Sell them anywhere by simply placing the sign with a reasonable price and mark that is organic.


Having a back yard is ideal for keeping a few bee hives. Assuming you do not have an allergy or a terrible fear of bees, this project can be quite rewarding since the bees are easy to manage. It takes some investment in hives, tools, protective suit and bee colonies, but other than that beekeeping is the least time-consuming hobby you can get. Aside from selling the honey, you can rent your beehives to farmers for pollination.

Rent a garden as allotments

Since so many people are getting into gardening without having a garden of their own, you can easily hire out a part of the garden as allotments. Make sure you provide direct access to the garden unless you want your tenants to reach it through your house. Also, establish some basic rules for the tenants such as when to use the garden and for what purposes.

Rent a garden for events

Big and beautiful gardens are the perfect places for parties, weddings and different kind of outdoor events. If you already own a garden like that, why not show off a little while earning some money. People are willing to pay for a pleasant surrounding on their special days, so make the best of it by offering your little piece of heaven for a reasonable price. Renting it for children’s birthday parties is the best option.


Having a garden can be profitable in so many ways, whether you choose to garden yourself or simply to rent the place to someone else. Whichever it is, make sure to make some use of it, instead just leaving it there and using it as an outside storage. Next time you look at your garden try to see the potential within. Just a little effort and small investment in the garden can go a long way where a hobby can turn into a full-time income. All it takes is a good plan, persistence and a few good tips.

Author bio: Steven Clarke is a business consultant and a DIY enthusiast. In his spare time he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.