6 Tips for Easing Knee Pain

7 Proven Ways To Deal With Inflammation 6 Tips for Easing Knee Pain

6 Tips for Easing Knee Pain | Are you experiencing chronic pain? You are not alone. The overall prevalence of knee pain stands at 46.2% among all joint pain. Knee pain can halt your day-to-day activities if you don’t seek intervention. Dr. Vinay Chopra, a specialist in orthopedic surgery, explains that knee pain treatments are contingent on the cause of knee pain and how your knee responds to each treatment. Dr. Vinay and his team at Genesis Orthopaedic and Spine center tailor specialized knee treatments to effectively minimize all knee pain. Genesis’ treatments not only address knee pain but also treat the cause using innovative medical procedures. Some of the ways you can ease knee pain are home-based, while for advanced pain, you may need to visit the Genesis center.

1. Use Heat and Ice for Treatment

Ice relaxes nerves, hence blocking the relay of pain impulses to the brain. Ice is the primary self-care treatment for any inflammatory pain. However, do not directly apply ice to a flesh wound or on bare skin. A regular ice pack is enough to lower pain in the joints. Alternatively, you can use heat therapy to treat knee pain. Minimal heat softens painful joints, hence ridding you of pain.

2. Try Physical Therapy

Physical therapy procedures have been proven efficient in treating osteoarthritis-affected joints. Knee and spine pain are some of the joint pains that massage and light exercises treat. Sign up at a specialized center for physical therapy procedures or visit an orthopedist to tailor your therapy routine. Physical therapy also strengthens your ligament and prevents recurrent knee pain.

3. Acupuncture

The old-age Chinese method for minimizing pain is still a top-rate pain relief procedure. Acupuncture targets concentrated nerve endings. An acupuncturist tweaks the nerve impulses using small needles. The needles deviate normally from the impulse relay. Acupuncture is a minimally invasive procedure that medical doctors recommend for subtle causes of knee pain.

4. Pain Relief Medication

Over-the-counter pain relief medication such as ibuprofen and paracetamol lower chronic pain. Topical applications of corticosteroid medications are a more aggressive alternative to oral medication. However, topical creams and ointments may adversely react with your skin. Seek an expert’s advice before buying any pain relief medication.

5. Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is the most effective pain relief method. Knee surgery treats the root of the pain.  Genesis experts infuse PRP with surgery to fasten the recuperation process. Consult with specialists on the best surgical technique for your joint replacement. Knee surgery is the go-to solution, whether it’s fluid buildup, bone spurs, or a tendon tear.

6. Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment is a revolutionary procedure that leverages intrinsic healing abilities. Orthopedic surgeons source stem cells from your bone marrow. The stem cells rid knee pain by stimulating new tissue growth. Stem cells are infection-free since your bone marrow contains no contagions.


Knee pain is a significant source of discomfort, and you should not take it lightly. Genesis Orthopedic and Spine orthopedics tailor unique treatments to eliminate knee pain. Schedule a visit if you have any recurrent knee pain or experience any other joint pain.


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