6 Things Every Software Developer Should Know!

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Negosentro.com | 6 Things Every Software Developer Should Know! | Programming is not a simple thing. Requirements change even in the mid of the projects; technology advances quickly and ruthlessly. With that, programming becomes difficult, and programmers become smart. 

Consider this: the first time you get a bug, you decode it, and you think of yourself as the best programmer, but the next time you encounter the same bug, you already know how to fix it. This doesn’t mean that the bug was easy. Instead, you become smarter. That’s what a programmer does! Nisman Solutions, a software development agency, tells us that a programmer should become highly skilled at one language before moving on to another. It makes learning a new programming language easier in most cases.

So, if you are on the path of learning to program and thinking about the basic things you should not skip, here’s the list of few fundamental things every programmer should know: 

Algorithms and data structures: 

Your data structure and algorithms should be on your tips if you want to become a successful programmer. Things like an array, maps, linked list, and more will help you at every stage of programming.

In fact, without them, it is impossible to write any application in the real world. So, next time if you want to get the best software development in Spokane for your next project, make sure you hire developer with a good knowledge of algorithm and data structures.   

Programming is not a simple walk: 

Programming is not easy- it’s like working in a world where customers aren’t only demanding a software, but also a software with the automatic functionalities, and that too within a week. Well, not just that- it’s a field where technology and working grounds will change constantly, and you have to find your own foot. And for this, you have to get into the core of programming. 


Source code: 

Source code or version control comes under the category of software tools that help programmers manage changes done in the source code. With them, you can keep track of every modification done to the code in a special database. For software development projects, the source code is an important asset whose value should be protected. 

With source code, a programmer can easily recheck the code, and can also compare the previous versions to fix the mistake. For instance, if many programmers are working on the same code base, but on different features, then the source code help them collaborate easily without overriding each other change. 

SQL and Databases: 

The Structured Query Language is a primary language used for stream processing and managing data in a relational database management system. In simpler words, you can call it a language that is used to interact with a database. It’s one of the most valuable skills that every programmer should know. Moreover, it is quite effective at data manipulation as it let you easily time test and manipulate data that is stored in the SQL.

Furthermore, databases help in understanding the data model. There are many databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more, and a programmer should be familiar with every database. You should know how to update, delete, and write queries in SQL to retrieve it. 


 If you are looking for a software that acts as a compiler, debugger, and a text editor, you probably need an IDE.  An IDE (integrated development environment) is an application that features all application development tools and tasks. 

The most common IDEs that C, C++, and C# programmers use is Visual Studio. However, for Python developers, its Jupiter Notebook, and Java programmers work on Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ. 

Good knowledge of Unix and Linux

The modern programming professionals seek Unix and Linux as the top skills when looking for programmers.  just like SQL, it’s also the oldest language that has been around for many years. Further, it lets you work effectively; you can search files and easily know what’s going into the system by checking the CPU and memory usage.

So, those were some basic things you need to know if you are a programmer or is stepping in programming. Moreover, investing time, money, and effort in these skills helps you build a successful career.

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