6 Social Media Tips to Boost SEO Ranking

Boost SEO Ranking

Most of us love spending our free time using social media whilst enjoying all the excitement that comes with it. There’s just too much to see and experience; blogs, microblogs, forums, social gaming, social networks and so on. And at the same time, there are thousands of businesses competing for our attention. But what if you are one of those businesses and want to shine a spotlight on what you have to offer? Here are 6 proven ways tested by Red Search for boosting your SEO ranking:

Impeccable Written Content

Have you ever considered a true purpose of content and the crucial role it plays in building a healthy relationship with your customers? It’s no surprise that a powerful and eye-catching content is one of the most fundamental tools needed for boosting your SEO.

It needs to be concise, brief, and clear whilst informing your readers about something fascinating and interesting. You mustn’t use fluffy or empty words just to fill spaces between words. And under no circumstances, must you sound like a programmed robot, or worse – an annoying salesman trying to sell a product.

Instead, you should sound friendly and pleasant. To achieve this effect, you can imagine as if you’re talking to a close friend who needs your help with their issues. That’s one of your duties after all – to help your readers and customers with solving their problems. And when you genuinely do so out of pure compassion, they can see it, too. And in return, they reward you with loyalty and trust, which not only boosts your SEO, but also significantly distinguishes you from your competitors.

Eye-catching Images

Humans are visual creatures using our vision as a primary source of making sense of the world. That’s why everything visually exciting fascinates us; be it a great piece of art or an attention-grabbing poster. Which gives you a valid reason as to why you should enrichen your content with not only images, but videos and slideshows, as well. People love being visually stimulated so give them what they want.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Did you know that over 60% of google searches are done from mobile devices? Which tells us that people’s use of mobile devices has been increased drastically. So, make sure to optimize your site for mobile users to avoid negatively affecting their user experience.

Formatting Your Page

Your website’s layout is another crucial element needed for boosting your SEO ranking. It needs to be uncluttered and organized with proper font size and typography. Make it as clean as possible whilst making sure to not clutter it with pictures or advertisements.

Being Active on Social Media

Did you know that people sharing links to your website on social media improves your SEO ranking? In order to achieve this result be sure to include social media icons on your content so it’d be easier for people to share what they like.

Appropriate Keywords

The importance of proper keywords in your content cannot be stressed enough. Since keywords is one of the most important components in Google ranking algorithm, your focus needs to be especially sharp when it comes to using keywords. You need to do it sparingly to not overload it with keywords to the point that it becomes saturated. Use them naturally in header tags, and even in image captions. If you do everything right, your keywords will be in perfect sync with their search which is a proven method for boosting your SEO ranking.

In conclusion, grabbing the attention of your website visitors is not as difficult as it may seem. And using these simple, but proven methods is an efficient way for creating connection with your audience whilst boosting your SEO ranking at the same time.

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