6 Reasons Your Photography Business Needs A Blog

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Geroge Minton, Negosentro |  With each passing day photography is gaining more and more popularity, and today the market demands every photographer to come forward with a blog of their own. Now, you may think, why do I need to have a blog for my photography? The answer to this is very simple blog increases your popularity, which at the end helps you in increasing your photography business in this tight market. 

6 Reasons Your Photography Business Needs A Blog

Below mentioned are 6 main reasons why you need to start a blog for your photography business:

1. For a Professional Web Presence

Blogs are one of the best ways to portray your true self. A blog helps in displaying all your best works, and at the same time even helps in portraying who you are and the way you think and visualize images. People tend to hire photographers online these days, and having a good blog provides you with a strong professional web presence.

2. Diversify Your Source of Income

Everybody knows this that a blog can be a really good source of income, and that’s the reason why 8 out of 10 people blog these days. Yes, initially you need to invest on your blog, but once it reaches a stable position and gains a bit of popularity, the blog and the photographs you upload on your blog will act as a source of income. Blogs get advertisements from which you can earn also you can earn money based on the number of visitors, as well as from the number of viewers of your photographs etc. many more ways.

3. Easy To Manage

With the advancement of technology even blogging has become so easy. Previously you needed to hire people to maintain your websites and other online portals. But now it has become so savvy that by just one click you can easily upload the photographs you want and can manage your blog whenever and wherever you want. It takes nothing, perhaps just some internet connection and a gadget to keep your blog updated. So, you can make your work reach people without any fuss.

4. Engaging

Blogs allows you to engage with fans, followers as well as clients, which is always good for any business. In blogs you can provide a backstory or details to the photograph that you’re uploading, as well as later on can comment and interact with the interested followers.

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5. To Gain Visibility Around the World

Blogs have many social media plugins, few that charge money and others that are free. These plugins like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. help in sharing and promoting the photographs as well as the blog around the world, thus making it popular.

6. Easy to find

Search Engines, let’s say Google, Yahoo etc. absolutely love blogs, and whenever people search for photographers to hire, these search engines show the ones with the blogs at the top of the list, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.

You might think it is a sheer wastage of time, but trust me when I say this, having a blog for a photography business is always a better choice than having just a portfolio.

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