6 Prime Benefits The EB-5 Visa Brings To Immigrants

EB 5 Visa Bring To Immigrants

The EB-5 visa program was introduced in the year 1990 to stimulate the U.S economy via job creation and foreign investment by allowing investors permanent U.S. residency. 

Immigrants pursuing permanent residence through employment basis, have five different paths to obtain an immigrant visa. Four of the visa classification is based on specific skills, labor requirement, educational goals, and association with a specific group of people. EB-5 visa is the fifth one, which is an investment-based program. 

The immigrants through EB-5 visa program have invested approx $20 billion since 2008, and invested over $5 billion in 2017 alone. Furthermore, projects linked to EB-5 investments have generated over 174,000 jobs. Since the growth is remarkable, chances are, achieving much greater returns in the coming years. 

With that, this program offers various benefits. Here are some of them:

Economic Growth

Economic stimulation was the fundamental objective of the EB-5 visa opportunity, and it’s still one of the most notable aspects of the program. 

Foreign investors introduce capital into the U.S. economy through investment as well as buying day-to-day necessities. For instance, buying things from stores, sending their kids to school, buying a house, and much more!

Job Creation

The EB-5 visa program needs foreign investors to make an investment (at their own risk) that creates at least ten jobs for nation’s citizens. Hence, these jobs produce more opportunities for American citizens find work.

Target Underprivileged Areas 

The program specifically benefits the population living in domestic areas in terms of job requirements and economic growth. As some investors prefer to take benefit of an angle of this program that focuses on particular domestic areas called TEA (Target Employment Areas). The government identifies these areas, which in turn creates not only employment but also more opportunities. 

Family Members Are Eligible To Work

Once you get the EB-5 Visa, you will be authorized to live in the U.S. and your family will also have the permit to work in a job function that they are eligible for. There are no time limitations on your employment also you don’t need for a sponsor. Moreover, you will also be eligible to apply for job opportunities and professional licenses with security clearance.

A Direct Path to U.S. Citizenship

Unlike other visa options, such as the E-2 and L-1, the EB-5 program has one of the greatest benefits of directly being eligible for a Green Card. Thus, when you enter the country through this program, you will have a conditional green card and a direct path to permanent residence. Hence, this lowers potential obstacles that may appear in the case of a non-immigrant visa and for a green card afterward.

More Opportunities

The United States of America has been known as the “land of opportunity” for decades. With that, the EB-5 investor visa brings a host of new opportunities for Immigrants and their families. You are allowed to do business anywhere in the country. The only hardships you may experience will be your own ambitions. 

Once you acquire a green card by creating at least ten full-time, permanent jobs in the U.S. through your Regional Center investment, you will acquire more potential opportunities, as you now live in the United States. Furthermore, this stability is imperative when entering a profession or building a new business. Once you acquire permanent U.S. residency, financial organizations should lend you funds to start a small business or expand a current business. 

The EB-5 investor program demands a particular investment, although; it is a marvelous option for a fast and effective route to citizenship for you and your family!

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