6 Facts about Crowd sourced Testing and Secure Crowd Testing Solutions


Buddy River, Negosentro |

What is crowd testing

Crowd testing is the latest trend in testing your software to check on its benefits, effectiveness as well as efficiency. The testing is done by a number of testers from different places in the world who are not necessarily professionals or hired consultants. This is mainly done by putting the software on various realistic platforms that make the process reliable, fast, cost-effective as well as bug-free. For the method to be effective, the software has to have user feedback and a wide user space. Most of the common software to undergo testing are mobile applications. Across Australia, governments are undertaking enormous programs to deliver online services through web applications. It is for this reason that governments are utilizing crowdsourcing to leverage the power as well as the intelligence of the crowd so as to double its web coverage.

Why is crowd testing important

Crowdsourced testing is a cost-effective way to check your software and it only requires payment for valid bugs reported. The time required to do this is also significantly low and unbiased. Further, there are various testers who make it easy to identify any similar anti-patterns. It’s important to mention that crowdsourcing is essential for compatibility testing and things such as beta. The ‘crowd’ will help you identify flaws in the functionality of your software, security, usability, load as well as localization. Further, you can get additional information that will go a long way in improving your end product. Some of the crowd testing platforms that will help you achieve these benefits are discussed below.

Infosys Crowd Testing Platform

Through this platform, you will be offered a discussion forum with testers who can share experiences on the software. You will also get suggestions from the crowd after you define the scope with details such as timelines, your contact information, problem statement and prioritized test scenarios. The platform ensures you reach the diverse crowd that will help you overcome challenges such as duplication effects, lack of motivation from the testers, inconsistency as well as limitations in what you can test. What makes this platform outstanding is its extensive collaboration between testing teams and crowd testers who take shorter test cycles.

99 tests

This is one of the best crowd testing platforms that ensures your app is user centric. The platform covers diverse testing verticals such as automation testing, usability testing, test cases, localization as well as functional testing. Your target demographic will also be adequately captured while using this platform to ensure a hassle-free testing on various configurations. Their expert support is believed to be top 1% of the world’s professionals in the field. The platform covers over 150 countries and has more than 20,000 testers to bring out real-time results on how your product will be received. The crowd testing has been used by over 200 clients to uncover facts about their products.

Test Army

The platform offers a secure testing for your software to detect vulnerability to diverse attacks as well as give you recommendations on the best ways to improve on the security weaknesses. Their security tests include Portal Security Audit, application security audit, and infrastructure/network device security audit. Test Army’s team of over 50 experienced and ISTQB certified testers conduct exploratory tests or follow a prepared test scenario so as to ensure they deliver quality services to their clients. The platform also has well-equipped laboratory facilities, more than 100 devices such as tablets, all of which have different systems and browsers to swiftly identify errors with your software. Some of their clients include Origintag, Nomtek, and YaCap.


Localized users can validate features as well content of your software in a short time while using Qualitrix. The platform enhances faster test iterations where testers give you results in a matter of hours. Further, you can receive a usability score that lets you know if users like your app before you avail in app stores. This could be the best platform for a start-up business and it provides 3600 assurance in various industries such as telecommunication, consumer banking, health and fitness among others. Qualitrix achieves their goals through testing on multiple devices, a recreation of real world scenarios, crowd wisdom, engaging user experience and localized content validation. Their customers describe them as friendly, technical and professional.


The crowd testing platform has more than 250,000 registered testers worldwide. It tests various web applications such as websites and portals, wearables, games, Internet of things as well as other applications. It does not only provide automated testing but also offers manual testing to ensure their client benefit from tailor-made solutions that meet your testing needs. Further, their team of certified experts has helped the platform to be among the best testing platforms with a recent win of the German Innovation Price 2017. Some of their unique selling points are exploratory bug testing, regression testing, bud bounty, localized testing, and add-ons. The tests are carried out on the latest devices, browser versions and operating systems they platform have put in place. Some of the platforms’ clients include Western Union, Henkel, Audi, and DHL.


MyCrowd offers crowd testing for websites and apps through their high-quality testers worldwide. It is a perfect platform for start-ups since they offer full access to their studio, built-in bug tracker, pay-as-you-go system and on-demand tests. Some of the tests they undertake include functional testing, explorative testing, usability testing, Ad Hoc testing and user testing. Further, MyCrowd Studio is easy to set-up and can get you results in the shortest time possible. The platform is considered to be relatively fast ( three hours results) and helps you identify bugs through their devices, browsers, and testers who are throughout the world. Further, it offers a great automation through half-and-half tests.

Concerns over Crowd Testing

Crowd testing may not give the best feedback on applications alone and various testing approaches are needed to bring for the testing process to be more effective. An additional team may be necessary to ensure the process is thorough and holistic in nature.