6 Corporate Christmas Party Themes for 2020

Christmas Party Themes

Negosentro.com | 6 Corporate Christmas Party Themes for 2020 | As the year slowly draws to a close, offices are gearing up for their annual Christmas parties before heading home for the holidays. Putting together a memorable Christmas party with a fun theme is a completely different beast compared to hosting a personal celebration. A unique theme sets your company party apart from the previous years and will encourage more employees to attend, stay, and interact with their workmates in a different setting. Here are a handful of themes to consider for your next corporate Christmas party:

  • Around-the World Party

The best kind of party is one where everyone can happily participate. The holidays are celebrated for many reasons and by many faiths besides the one where Christmas is celebrated. A local Christmas party can become a gathering place for all cultures, and a way for coworkers of different religions to celebrate the holidays together.. People can come to the party bringing food, games, and traditions from their part of the world, upbringing, or faith. You would be surprised at how fun they can be: for example, Christmas is celebrated with a bucket of KFC in Japan.

  • Assorted Pins Party

At this party, everybody comes decorated with pins. Attendees can come decked with felt pins and custom lapel pins, or even Velcro patches that they can exchange with others. You can host several games centered on the pins, provide company pins for everyone, and give out random prizes for people with specific pins. This is perfect for corporate offices that want to avoid the inconvenience of having their employees wear costumes without taking away any of the fun and games.

  • Ugly Sweater Party

Whoever took the most dreaded wearable elements of the holidays and turned it on its head to become one of the most tongue-in-cheek holiday party themes is a genius. Deck yourself out in the most outrageous Christmas sweater and show it off at the office. You and your coworkers can all laugh and be embarrassed about it together.

  • Karaoke Party

This kind of party is best paired with a generous open bar so everyone can depend on some liquid courage to get on the stage. You can bond more with your coworkers knowing that you can’t carry a tune together. A karaoke mic and stage is a great equalizer…until you all discover an unlikely co-worker who turns out to have extraordinary singing talents.

  • Game Show Party

Host a game show and select contestants from various departments. It can be a trivia game show, a comedy improv game show, or if you really want to bring out the big guns, do an elaborate Takeshi’s castle-type obstacle course that everybody can try their hands at.

  • A Do-Good Theme Party

This kind of party lives up to the true spirit of Christmas by giving back to communities and charities that need some help. Host the party at a local soup kitchen, shelter, senior center, or orphanage and include the inhabitants in the games, draws, and gift exchanges. Not only will you have fun and meet new people, but you will go home feeling good for helping out. Another option is to partner up with a charity, and instead of giving gifts to friends and co-workers, give the gifts to the charity instead.

Christmas parties are all about celebrating and bringing people together to eat, drink, and bond before everybody goes home for the holidays. Make it special and even more memorable by organizing your party around a unique theme everybody is enthusiastic about. This will make everyone at the office look forward to it and they’ll probably end up talking about it until the next year rolls in. Hopefully, this list will help you come up with a fun and unforgettable theme that will make your upcoming corporate Christmas party a blast.