6 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

by Julianne Mercer, Negosentro.com |

Finding and recruiting new talent can be a tedious task. It is a process which requires time and resources, which is why it is particularly challenging for small businesses with limited budgets. Interviewing potential candidates, reviewing applications and negotiating terms and salaries all take a lot of time and effort. This is one of the main reasons why so many companies have started turning to recruitment agencies for help, as they offer numerous benefits when it comes to finding and hiring new talent. But what exactly are those benefits?

Cost efficiency

Using a recruitment agency is far more cost-efficient compared to hiring an entire team dedicated to recruiting applicants. Staffing agencies are responsible for the entire recruitment process, which relieves employers of the costs associated with background investigations, drug screenings and pre-employment testing. Furthermore, by using recruitment agencies employers save additional funds related to the costs of administering benefits and payroll processing. This allows small business owners and their staff to devote their time and resources to management and further development of their business without being distracted by the recruitment process.

Detailed knowledge of the market

The best agencies have recruiters who specialize in specific markets and, as such, can offer your hiring team an unprecedented level of insight. They have information regarding top talents, where to find them and how to engage them, their career expectations, salary rates and other hiring complexities that go with the job. If your competitors are struggling with finding and hiring a certain type of workers, top recruiters can advise you on how to avoid making the same mistakes they did and offer alternative solutions. The best recruiters can easily evolve into collaborators, or even partners and keep you informed regarding the current market affairs.  

Better outreach

Top talent can be very difficult to find. Some prospects can be passive, while others might be rather selective. If prospects like these don’t respond to your job offerings or simply cannot be bothered with searching full time, chances are they’ve already established a relationship with an expert recruiter. And the power of a good recruitment agency lies in expert recruiters who know how to deal with hard-to-reach and inactive prospects. Additionally, most staffing agencies place their adverts on a number of different job boards, including the national ones. This ensures that your advert will be viewed by some of the best talents on the market.

Valuable expertise

Recruitment agencies often have greater knowledge than some of the large companies’ human resources departments. Finding adequate employment managers, recruiters and specialists to supervise your recruitment staff can be tricky, to say the least. Fortunately, recruitment agencies offer services that go shoulder to shoulder with some of the best and highly qualified specialists and employment experts. Staffing agency employees tend to have in-depth knowledge regarding current employment practices and recruitment trends. Additionally, most agencies have recruiters who are specialized in certain fields of industry and if you need a sales rep, they will send only expert sales recruiters or if you need a PR, they’ll send PR recruiters.

Time saving

Recruitment agencies sift through hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications before sending you only those that actually worth considering. This is a process which would normally take weeks to accomplish without a dedicated team. In case your manager is the one responsible for all the interviews, the agencies will handle all the scheduling and simply let your manager know when they should come. Agencies also handle the administrative issues including communication with the applicants, verifying their information (references and qualifications) and notifying the ones that didn’t make it, as well as those who did.


Most companies these days don’t always need additional assistance. However, there are times throughout the year when you absolutely need extra employees due to an increase in workload. This means that you would have to hire, and at some point fire, those employees once the rush is over or spend resources and keep them employed for the rest of the year. But with a staffing agency handling job placement, you can hire new employees temporarily and use them only when you need them. This greatly reduces both the costs and resources associated with maintaining a flexible workforce.

Once you establish a relationship with a recruitment agency that you can trust and rely on, any hiring you perform in the future will be accomplished with ease. As agencies are aware of the specific qualities and skill a potential candidate needs to possess, they can help you find the one that will fit into your team without any issues. Using a top-notch recruiting agency that meets all the criteria above will surely help your company stop wasting valuable time and resources on hiring and allow you to focus on improving your business further.

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