6 Advantages of Taking a Gap Year After School

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Negosentro | 6 Advantages of Taking a Gap Year After School | Most students look forward to their senior year in high school with happiness and excitement about the future. However, if you’re apprehensive about college or aren’t really sure of your career path, it might be worth it to take a gap year. A gap year is a year between high school and college that’s spent traveling to enhance your studies, perform volunteer community service or just to get away. Here are six of the best reasons to take a travel gap year before college.
  1. Breaking Up Your Routine

Why take a gap year if you’ve completed high school and you’re on your way to college? Because taking a break is healthy. If you really want to have a wonderful college experience, going on a trip and clearing your head after high school is a positive move. Instead of spending summer break at home doing nothing, a gap year will get you out of your normal routine. You’ll have a chance to volunteer or study in another country and get your mind refreshed for the college year to come.

  1. Learning a Second Language

If you’ve ever had the desire to learn a second language, there’s no better way to do it than by traveling to another country. Even if you took a foreign language in school, nothing beats immersion for getting a language down pat. 

You’ll get to use your new language on a daily basis and will also pick up on gestures and mannerisms that come with it. Learning a second language is extremely gratifying and it’s also something valuable to put towards your career. 

  1. Enhancing Your Career Path

Depending on the academic path you’re dedicating yourself to, you could gain extra experience from a gap year in another country. Your trip may include visits to historical ruins, museums or archaeological sites. This would help you in careers geared towards education, art or foreign languages. While you can study these things in college, it’s completely different to travel and see them first-hand. Not only does this add value to your studies, but a gap year will also look great on your resume.

  1. Experiencing a New Culture

Not everyone gets the chance to experience a new culture, so if you have the opportunity before you’re locked down to a college schedule, take it! Through involvement in another culture, you’ll learn new ways of doing things that are much different than your own. You’ll get to try new types of food and make amazing friends. When you spend time out of your comfort zone in a foreign country, you’ll eventually understand how many things people all over the world have in common.

  1. Getting a Change of Scenery

Much like breaking up the monotony, getting yourself out into the world for a change of scenery will inspire you. New and exciting surroundings are positive for your mental and emotional health and may spark unique interests. Even if you love your hometown, after years it gets boring and you’ll eventually crave something new. By getting on an airplane and leaving your home behind, your stress will melt away. Sometimes you need to go away to come back and be better than ever. 

  1. Learning More About Yourself

Although a gap year allows you to learn about other cultures, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about yourself. When you travel, you have almost no one else to depend on but yourself. You’re responsible for getting from one place to another, communicating in another language and organizing your schedule. You may initially experience culture shock but once it fades, you’ll be a stronger person. A gap year away is a grand opportunity to grow and show the world what you’re made of. 

If you’re finishing high school and are hesitant about jumping right into college, consider taking a gap year. A gap year in another country will expand your horizons, help you to grow and make your college years even better.

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