5 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Email List


Harris Scott, Negosentro | Markets love using both email marketing and Instagram. However, they rarely bring these two platforms together to boost their businesses. Businesses can incorporate social media images to help them achieve their email marketing objectives. Read on to get tips on how you can use Instagram to grow your email list.

Optimize your Instagram profile

You can optimize your Instagram and email marketing campaigns by adding a bullet proof sign-up form on your Instagram bio. There is a space on the website that is allowed for adding a URL. These forms are crucial because they can assist you in getting quality leads for your business brand. You can utilize any of the email marketing services to help you build up a customized sign-up form that can be incorporated on different platforms.


Businesses can also offer incentives that can entice prospective customers to fill these sign-up forms. You should ensure that you offer incentives that your customers would wish to have. In addition, your business should be able to offer these incentives without running into losses. Some of the incentives that work perfectly with clients include free download, discounts, product samples, promo codes, and contests.

Relevance is crucial

Inserting an Instagram image in your email template will not help in increasing engagement. Make sure that you are quite thoughtful regarding the creative assets that you will use. Make sure that specific themes resonate more during different seasons to drive people to join your email subscriptions. For example, themes such as travel, water and sun may drive traffic to your website and increase your subscriptions during summer seasons.

Nurture new leads

Getting new leads can be quite easy. However, you must ensure that your audiences can stay on your page longer for them to make concrete buying decisions. You must give your organic leads a good experience that will drive them to close sales with your business. A great experience on your Instagram page will keep your existing clients engaged and happy, and it will also attract new prospective leads to your business. Gramista can help you build your intagram following.

Provide great content

Content is crucial in attracting and keeping your new leads and transforming them to actual sales. When your sign-ups increase, you can send your deals and offers to the inboxes of your clients. Your clients are used to your Instagram page and they will expect interactive and interesting content. Therefore, make sure that you provide value, keep your clients engaged and know what is relevant to them.


When you capture leads on Instagram, take time to understand their preferences. Check out the pages that they follow, their interests, their online purchasing habits, recent purchases, location, gender, and the expectations they have of your brand. This way, you will have a better understanding of your new prospects before you push them towards making a purchase.

There are also companies that provide Instagram marketing tools to help you design and develop a campaign that connects you with the people who love what you’re about. Seek them out.

Email still offers businesses an effective way of connecting with their customers. However, the design and content of your email are crucial in your marketing campaigns. You can successfully use Instagram to build your email listing and subscriptions, and this can impact positively on your brand. This is because when you have a large audience, you increase the chances of these leads making a sale with your business.

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