5 Ways to Make Your Presentation’s Numbers More Exciting

Make Your Presentation's Numbers More Exciting how to boost your presentation skills, presentation-skills, presentation
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Presentations canquickly get repetitive and boring – which is why it’s so important to make sure that yours is engaging and memorable. Keynote speeches, analytic reports, start-up pitches – all presentations have one main goal: to engage an audience with powerful information. 

A lot of the time, however, this information is shared in the form of numbers – and out of context, numbers aren’t particularly exciting.

Want to share the projected profit of your start-up, or a compelling statistic to drive your keynote? A professional design agency can help you to convert your raw data into intuitive visuals to make your number stand out.

There are a lot of ways thatyou can make your numbers visually engaging and memorable with the help of a professional designer:

1: Put Them in Context

Numbers oftenlack that human element that makes your audience feel connected – so put your numbers in a context that they can relate to. This helps your audience to understand the importance of your data better. A project plan template can help you get your message accross. 

For example, instead of saying “our profits reached 5 million in our first quarter of 2018,” say “our profits reached 5 million in our first quarter of 2018 – that’s double what we hit in our first quarter last year!”

2: Show Them Over Time

A presentation will often include numbers and data that has been collected over a period of time.The best way to display these numbers is to put them in chronological order. 

If you want to compare your ROI five and three years ago to your current numbers, try laying out all the information in a timeline. 

You can even get a made to order infographic from a PowerPoint presentation agency to ensure that your information is presented visually both aesthetically and clearly. 

3: Make it a Chart

Charts are a great visual way to communicate data. They can show how your numbers stack up next to a competitor’s, how your profits have changed over time and more!

With the help of made to order graphics or slide templates customized to integrate charts, you can make your findings or projections a lot more interesting! 

Types of charts you may want to consider for your slides include:

  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Line charts

4: Round Them Up

You can round up numbers to the next decimal pointto make them more memorable. For example, is an investor going to remember that you earned a userbase of 1497 people, or “nearly 1500 people” within the first hour of launching?

5: Replace Some with Words

Sometimes being inundated with percentages can be a lot for a listener. Integrate some more words into your speaking and your slides to help your information appear less dense. Instead of saying “59 percent of Americans,” consider saying “three out of five Americans.” After all, words tend to be a lot easier to remember than numbers.

By putting your data in a timeline, chart or integrating words, what you are ultimately doing is telling a story with your numbers. With the assistance of a PowerPoint presentation designer, you will be able to integrate your numbers into professional infographics and slide templates to tell an impactful story.

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