5 Ways To Keep Your Company’s Data Protected

5 Ways To Keep Your Company's Data Protected Different Service Paradigms Define the Cloud Experience For Businesses Understanding Data Security 2022 6 Ways Database Storage is Helping Companies in 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro | 5 Ways To Keep Your Company’s Data Protected | One of the most important aspects of running a business is ensuring all of your company’s private information remains protected. Cybercriminals can use various methods of bypassing your server’s security measures and can retrieve your company’s crucial data if you are not fully protected. Thankfully, with the right security measures, you can better protect your company and make cybercriminals’ hacking attempts less likely to succeed. Read on to find five ways to best keep your company’s private information protected.

1. Use Better Passwords and Manage Them Properly

Passwords are the most basic security gate, which is why you should make all of your passwords as strong as possible. A strong password consists of at least ten characters with alternating capital letters, punctuation marks and numbers. Do not use a recognizable name or word associated with you, as your password should not be possible for others to guess.

As proper machine identity management keeps machines protected, employing a solid form of password management will also keep your passwords in line and out of the hands of unwanted parties. Password management software can generate and store strong passwords at any time, which can make your login credentials harder to access. 

2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication 

While strong passwords are critical to protecting your login credentials, you shouldn’t stop there. When you and your employees log in to your company’s server, implement a form of multi-factor authentication to keep your most private information harder to breach. This will add one or more steps to the login process, which means an unauthorized user with access to the password alone will not be able to log in.

When implementing any form of cybersecurity, adding steps to the process ensures more protection, as cybercriminals breaching only one layer will not guarantee them access.

3. Encrypt Your Data

When your data enters the online space without proper protection, it becomes vulnerable for hackers to access. Data encryption, which refers to the act of putting your data through a filter that can only be decoded by authorized users, is a key component of network security. Whether you transmit your data or keep it idle, having the information encrypted with the decryption key hidden is essential toward protecting your data.

4. Use Anti-Virus Software

Viruses and other forms of malware are among the ways hackers can compromise your system and retrieve your data. Keep your business servers protected with anti-virus software that regularly scans for viruses and detects them before they become an issue.

As with any software you use on your computer, update this anti-virus software regularly. Viruses are constantly getting more sophisticated, which means they are capable of breaching outdated protection software. Schedule frequent updates for both your anti-virus programs as well as any other software you use on your work computers to create stronger barriers against cyberattacks.

5. Use a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is software that hides your internet usage from other parties. When you use a VPN on your business’s computers, your business’s internet activity becomes difficult for users without specific authorization to see. Using a VPN on your work computers will better prevent hackers from spying on your business’s online activity and will thus offer another vital layer of protection for your company’s private information.

Keeping your business’s data protected is vital to maintaining your business’s safety. When you implement your methods of cybersecurity, be sure to layer on multiple forms of protection to fortify your servers and make breaching your information more difficult for hackers. With multiple forms of protection and frequent software updates, you can help keep your servers protected and your information safe.

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