5 Ways to Enjoy Coffee at Home or in the Office

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Negosentro.com | “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel” and “don’t fix it if it’s not broken” is what you might hear if you ask coffee purists about different ways to enjoy coffee. If you are looking to spice up your coffee ritual somewhat there is hope for you yet. There are many ways to enjoy this flavourful drink besides just the normal coffee, milk, sugar and water combination.

  1.       Keep it fresh

Stale coffee lacks aroma and flavour so try to keep it as fresh as possible. When you buy coffee beans try to buy from a supplier that sells them freshly roasted. After buying coffee make sure that you store it correctly to prevent it from going stale. Make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry place in an airtight container.

  1.       With your favourite meal

There is nothing quite like a great cup of coffee with your favourite meal. Naturally coffee is a breakfast classic, and you can enjoy a great cappuccino, espresso, flat white, americano or even hot chocolate at this time of the day. Anything goes! Remember, “Humanity runs on coffee – American Heroes Coffee.”

Did someone mention coffee and cake? Have a cup with a nice big slice of cake, and make it a coffee cake for that extra caffeine kick. Coffee is great with pastries and another great combination is coffee and chocolate.

  1.        Snack time

Coffee is so versatile it doesn’t merely have to be a drink it can be a snack as well. For the real coffee fanatics out there, this is for you. Mocha granola is a combination of cereal and coffee but you can turn it into a snack by forming little clusters to nibble on throughout the day for a regular caffeine injection without having to leave your desk to find the nearest café or vending machine to buy something.

It is made by adding oats, rice krispies cereal, coffee, chocolate, water and maple syrup together and roasting them together in a pot. You have to keep your eye on it because it’s easy to let it burn. Add some cashews and dried cranberries in there for some extra texture and a slightly different flavour.

  1.        Summer blues

For those hot summer days when your coffee cravings are nagging but it’s just too hot, there’s always ice coffee. You can transform your regular coffee into ice coffee by making your cup as you normally would, and then throwing some ice in there to cool it off. It makes for the perfect summer coffee alternative.

If you’re afraid you might water down that rich coffee flavour with normal ice blocks here’s a quick hack. Make a pot of coffee and pour it into ice trays to freeze. Then, when you make your iced coffee, use your coffee ice block for a strong blend of ice coffee. For a little more indulgence, pour milk over the blocks and enjoy.

Here’s another quick hack for coffee fanatics to enjoy. You can turn your coffee into a slushy by freezing it partially and then crushing it up.

  1.       Coffee Brewing Machines

If you call yourself a coffee fanatic, you should definitely have an espresso machine. And if you’re not already a fanatic, then owning an espresso maker will definitely turn you into one, if that doesn’t then I would recommend a Kimbo barista course as it the best way to learn more about coffee and making it! Preparing your hot beverage this way will give you a stronger, more flavourful taste which is exactly what you want from a good cup of coffee.

As an example of something that you could get for home, this Hamswan coffee maker single serve review highlights a machine that brews coffee using ground coffee, pods, capsules and k cups. As a single serve machine, that is a lot of variation for different tastes!

Not all machines are limited to single serve, and you can find other models which produce more in one go. Although they can be a bit expensive when you are buying them outright, they will end up paying for themselves when you consider the amount of money you’ll save not having to stop by the coffee shop on your way to work anymore.

So, finding new ways to enjoy your favourite beverage is not reinventing the wheel – it is taking the wheel and making it better so that you can get more enjoyment out of it.

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