5 Ways Software Can Empower Your Business

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Negosentro|Business owners are inventing new ways to use technology all the time. Every year there’s a new piece of software, a new gadget or a new algorithm that can help your business prosper. Using technology creatively to boost your business is one of the hallmarks or a true entrepreneur. Here are a few ways that technology can empower your business.

Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management has long been done person to person. There are certainly some aspects of customer service that cannot and should not be replaced with technology. No one likes interacting with a robot instead of a human, after all. That said, it’s difficult to compile data or analyze trends when you’re dealing with purely face to face interactions. This is where a customer relationship management platform really shines. You can manage customer service, sales, marketing and support from one central platform. This makes it easier for business owners to look at trends, gauge response and adjust quickly. It can also reduce time spent liaising between departments and allow you to operate more efficiently. Look at CRM examples to see what CRM can do for you.

Satisfaction Levels

One key way that technology can help your business brand is by managing customer satisfaction and doing sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is a kind of natural language processing that uses algorithms to measure how people feel about your brand, looking at social media, emails and other text based communication. The technology is still developing, but it shows great promise, particularly with regards to brand management. Branding is particularly difficult to track and manage, because much of its value isn’t easily quantified. Checking satisfaction levels and doing sentiment analysis is one way to help take control of your brand and get a clearer picture of how customers perceive your company and its brand.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a more concrete area where technology can really help your business run more smoothly. Many great time trackers include options for automated reminders to submit invoices and can calculate overtime and paid time off without the hassle. That can empower you to hire people all over the world and allow your on site employees to work from the comfort of their homes when they need to. It can vastly increase the efficiency of your HR department and allow them to manage your employees more effectively.

Social Media

Even the smallest business can benefit from a social media presence. It’s a free way to get your name out there, interact with potential clients and customers and build your brand. However, maintaining a presence on social media can be challenging, particularly if your team is small. There are analytics to be examined, and posts to be written. Timing is key. Many software packages and programs — some of them free — can help you take better control of your social media accounts. This is particularly valuable if you are trying to set up a queue of scheduled posts to keep your account from going quiet while you’re on vacation, for example. You can also use certain software packages to monitor interaction with your social media, and identify trends about who is interacting, when the best times to post are and where those posts are being shared.


Closely related to social media and CRM is advertising. The internet runs on ads, and so of course there is software available to help you make your advertising more effective. Perhaps you are looking to gather data on where customers are most likely to see and respond to your ads. Perhaps you are simply looking for a better way to disseminate promotional materials. You might even be looking for a system that will help you design and write better ads. Whatever your needs are, there is a piece of technology that can help you do it better, faster and more effectively. The trick is finding the ones that will best serve the needs of your company.

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