5 Ways in Which Infographics Can Benefit Your Small Business

Infographics Can Benefit Your Small Business 2020-Negosentro
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Negosentro|5 Ways in Which Infographics Can Benefit Your Small Business|Humans are visual beings – as much as 93% of all human communication and 90% of overall information sent to the brain is, in fact, visual. Keeping that in mind, the fact that web pages featuring appealing images and video content draw 94% more views than their text-only counterparts is not that surprising. But, what happens when we put strong visual cues and simple text explanations to a common cause and let them create one single piece of visual information?

Yes, we get infographics – a simple, yet incredibly effective marketing asset that has been moving mountains across the marketing landscape over the last couple of years. But, what makes this simple combination so powerful and how it can benefit your business? Let us try to find out.

Infographics are driving web traffic

We have already touched upon this issue in the introductions, but let us go in greater detail. So, although it is highly advised that your web pages feature some kind of quality visual content, it is much more preferable that key bits of information the visitors are probably looking for are not hidden behind endless walls of text. Putting this important data into an interesting frame of reference not only makes the page more presentable but also improves navigation, and, generally speaking, has a very positive influence on web traffic.

A powerful SEO asset

The search engine algorithms are becoming smarter with each passing year. We have come to the point now, where Google has become pretty capable of eliminating spammy links, and, at the same time, rewarding the websites that receive natural links. How do infographics factor into this whole story? Well, they are incredibly appealing and produce a lot of shares on social media. This is probably the best example of natural link building the search engine giant loves to see and reward with high rankings.

Content marketing made easy

Unlike statistics, professional texts, and even blog posts that often end up boring and dry, due to their inherent simplicity and on-the-point attitude, infographics present a way more effective way of addressing the website visitors. However, in order to become a pillar of your future marketing strategy and elevate all the associated content, infographics need to be well-designed and effective. Fortunately, the contemporary infographic community is very vivid and an experienced design company like Infostartes should have no problem coming up with solutions capable of relating to broad masses.

An excellent way to create how-tos

How-to articles have, up until now proved to be incredibly useful in terms of marketing. First of all, they make an excellent way to position your brand as an authority in some particular niche. Second, how-to guidelines are doing wonders for web traffic and lead conversion. As you can probably guess by now, infographics make an incredibly fortunate match for this particular type of content. This way, you get the opportunity to present everything from pain points to solutions in an engaging and easy to understand manner that keeps the audience hooked all the were through.

Making cumbersome facts fun

Some types of articles, although undoubtedly useful, appear undoubtedly cumbersome. Let’s take product comparisons and timelines, for example – great pieces of information both in their own regard, but often hard to browse through. Just imagine yourself as an avid comic book reader and wanting to know more about the evolution of your favorite superhero’s costume. Would you prefer to go through boring-looking bullet-points or rather check something like this? You get the point – it’s all about presentation.

How to create engaging infographics

So, now that we’ve taken a look at some of the reasons, why infographics should play a larger role in your content strategy, let us quickly breeze through a couple of tips that should help you create a more appealing visual content:

  • Inform – Sure, infographics do benefit from their presentation but never forget their main purpose is to present crucial and well-selected bits of information.
  • Learn more about your audience – Much like blog posts are written in for some specific audience, you should have a good grasp of who your target audience is and what is the best visual way to approach it.
  • Choose great topics – Infographics are not a way to compensate for the lack of quality, but rather to present interesting content in a more visually-appealing manner. So, make sure that your visual presentations are carefully selected and well-researched.

We hope these few considerations gave you some general idea of just how important infographics can be for putting your business on the vast and often crowded business radar. The truth is that we are living in an era where people have very little time to consume and soak in all the information they are exposed to over the course of a day. If infographics can make your content if just a bit more appealing and memorable, we say they are worth a try.

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