5 Types of Common Plastic Surgeries

Common Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery is for people who are willing to adjust their beauty goals and appearance. It is, therefore, a great option for most people. With the help of cosmetic surgery, it enhances the appearance of the skin, removes hair, and adjust facial features and much more.

Plastic surgery is a procedure that can also be used in case of medical purpose like people having accidents, repair surgery scars or restore the way their body functions.

In the cosmetic surgery field, there are numerous available procedures. In this article, here are some essential types of surgeries:


  • Hair Transplant


The procedure of transplanting hair is also called hair restoration. It is something that is done so that it can improve baldness appearances. When conducting the procedure, the hair has to be removed from one area having thick growth and put in a bald area.

When conducting the session, more than a thousand hairs can be moved with an only single session. However, some of the people with bald heads will require having more sessions. The hairs moved become permanent and therefore no long-term care needed. After a hair transplant, most people will have successful hair growth that takes place after conducting the procedure.


  • Breast Argumentation


You will find patients who need breast augmentation procedure. However, it is a procedure undertaken to increase the size and change your breast shape. For you to increase the breast size, it is a procedure called implant surgery.

However, you should know that breast augmentation procedure is not similar to breast reduction or breast lifts. Each procedure has its own procedure.


  • Tummy Tuck


It is a procedure that is called abdominoplasty and commonly referred to as tummy tuck. It is something used in improving the abdomen shape.

The procedure is essential in removing the excess abdomen fat to enhance restoration of weakened muscles. It will, therefore, end up improving someone’s profile. The procedure can also help to improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin. However, it is not a procedure that can remove stretch marks.

When undergoing the procedure, it doesn’t have to replace your daily routine exercises or eating to reduce weight. These are permanent results and can only be maintained after maintaining the weight.


  • Lip Augmentation


It is a procedure that aims in giving the patient fuller-looking lips. In the procedure, injectable dermal fillers increase the lip shape, structure and volume. It is not a permanent procedure. The results will last for six months and then take another procedure to enhance restoration of shape and volume. It is a common procedure that most people prefer.


  • Dermabrasions


It is a procedure that helps to remove the top layer found on the skin. The procedure uses specialized tools that help to gently sand the layer. After removing that top layer, it will heal where a new skin will replace the old skin. So, you will end up having smooth looking skin.

The procedure is essential for treating crow’s feet, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, and growths on the skin, age spots, and acne scars.

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