5 Tips to Make Your Video “Viral”

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Social media, with no doubts, is the strongest medium being used today. Videos and photos go viral on social media platforms, which not only entertain people, but also help advertise the featured product, service or event, automatically.  Creating one that could get the people’s attention is not easy, making sure that the idea isn’t the same as others.

Emotional pull

From a research made by two professors from University of Pennsylvania analyzed the New York Times’ most emailed list, it was known that posts showing feelings of awe, anger or anxiety are shared more often than the others. Anger and anxiety-themed videos are already being avoided, so more awesome and jaw-dropping videos now are being created, as advised. For brands, making people gasp in astonishment or laugh out loud are safe and popular goals.


A brand advertising video showing a copied idea may seem unconvincing. There may be a lot of brands who use social media to market their product, but that should not be an excuse to create something of poor quality. You may try watching other videos which have gained positive reviews for ideas, but never copy the whole thing.


In brainstorming for the idea, make sure that it is relevant. It should reflect the brand’s personality and its goals. It should also be entertaining, fitting the likes of their target audience. The Red Bull Stratos jump worked so well because it was a perfect partnership between a brand that stands for adrenaline and boundary-pushing, and a dare-devil stuntman. For Samsung, a marketing video to promote LED televisions needed to mirror the brand’s ethos of quirky, innovative technology to capture their followers’ imaginations. The result–‘Extreme Sheep LED Art’ was both relevant to the brand and to the product they were trying to promote.

Being viral is not an instant thing

Unless you are President Obama, Beyonce or Pope Francis, your video or photo wouldn’t hit a million views and likes in a matter of minutes. Growing your communities takes time and dedication, plus hard work behind the scenes. Being persistent in creating the perfect video will get you to the top.


Being viral should not only be your goal, but also having a loyal, dedicated follower base. A video should reflect your core philosophy as a brand, it should resonate with your audience and be a part of a wider strategy to build trust and commitment over time.

Each day, millions of photos and videos loop around social media platforms, and making your voice be heard could make a difference. Listen to your audience’s comments and suggestions to gather more information, so that a viral video could be produced next.


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