5 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Canadian Work Permit Application

Canadian Work Permit Application

Canada has long been one of the wealthiest nations and biggest economic powerhouses in the world. With its low unemployment rates and immigrant-friendly policies, deciding to move and work here can do wonders for your career and financial aspirations.

Obtaining a Canada skilled immigration or work permit visa, however, can be one of the toughest experiences you will undergo. You need to go through several stringent processes. Failing to understand certain instructions or making careless mistakes can cause delays in your application, too. Worse, they can be the reason for the rejection of your visa application.

Following some simple, practical visa application tips will reduce the chances of your work permit not being issued. Below are some of these easy-to-follow, helpful techniques and tricks:

  • Conduct sufficient research before applying

Many of the mistakes you may make when applying for a Canadian work permit will be caused by the lack of information and misinformation. To avoid encountering these mistakes during your application that might be costly and time-consuming to correct, be as informed as you can about the whole process.

Start by knowing which type of visa you should get. Consider your qualifications, background, and experiences, and find out which work permit type you are eligible to get.

You will easily find all the information you need to start your application online, including the CIC website.

If you are ready to apply, make sure you read and understand the official Application Guide on the CIC website. Additionally, review the documentation checklist several times so that you can prepare all the requirements needed to support your application.

In case you are unsure about the particular type of visa you should apply for and have difficulty understanding some of the instructions or information, consider getting reliable advice from Canadian immigration consultants. They are qualified and knowledgeable, so they can help you navigate through the whole application process from start to finish.

  • Make sure to submit the right up-to-date visa application forms

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC regularly updates and revises their visa application forms. Make sure you complete and submit the latest forms to avoid any delays.

Additionally, be sure you are using the right forms. Again, conducting sufficient research will ensure you will be filling up the correct documents for the work permit category you are applying for.

If you are working with an immigration consultant, he or she will assist you in this part of the process as well.

  • Always provide complete and consistent information

Regardless of how long your name or address is, write them down as they are. 

Additionally, most of these forms will require you to enter the same information more than once. Do not hesitate to repeat yourself and provide the same details over and over again.

This means being consistent with all the information you will provide as well. If you wrote your full address in the first part of the form, put the same details in another section which requires the same info. Avoid using abbreviations for your address because you want to save time on filling up the form.

By being consistent with your answers, you will avoid confusing the person who will review your application. This will help reduce the chances of your application being rejected.

  • Double-check your application form before submission

Before submitting your visa application form, go over it carefully. Be on the lookout for typos; keep in mind that even one misspelled name or word in a critical response can cause your application to be rejected.

Consider having someone proofread your papers and forms before you submit them. If you are working with a Canadian immigration consultancy firm, you can ask one of their staff to do this for you.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign your name as well. Many applications are rejected simply because the forms have no signature despite various reminders and warnings. As such, do not neglect this simple requirement in your application.

  • Have a backup plan

Finally, prepare contingency plans in case your application will be returned because of incomplete or incorrect requirements, and you have to re-apply.

In case your application is denied, make sure you know your options. These include applying again under the same work permit category or considering another immigration route.

It is vital that you do not get easily discouraged if you encounter any delays or if your application is denied. In such situations, you can always re-apply. As long as you can resolve or explain the issue behind the rejection, you can apply for a visa again.

If you are working with an immigration consultant, he or she will give you advice and explain the best options you can take.

If you are looking to elevate your career, moving to Canada is one way of achieving this goal. 

As long as you go through the work permit application process properly and systematically, your route to experiencing career and financial success in this country will be off to a good start.


Bevan Berning is an Immigration professional and owner of Pathway Visas, an Immigration Agency dealing mostly with skilled immigration to Canada and Australia. Bevan’s enthusiasm for the industry has kept in the Immigration field for the past seven years. Bevan is South African by birth and has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years.