5 Tips to Create a Killer Video Marketing Plan for 2019

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In the marketing world, the New Year season is the most stressful, chaotic, and lucrative one. For businesses looking to get ahead of the game and improve their brand awareness across the board, this season should be equally important. But beyond the immediate craze, your focus should be on improving your entire marketing strategy this year, starting with video creation.

More likely than not, you’ve spent your years building your content strategy and writing SEO-friendly pieces to appeal to the search engine gods and rank your brand higher in the SERPs. While that should remain at the top of your priority list, you should also recognize the value and sheer power of visual marketing and step up your video production game. Here’s what you need to do.

Report on key metrics and findings from last year

Knowledge is power in the modern business world, because without it you’re just shooting in the dark. After all, how else can you improve your marketing plan if not by acting on deep, relevant insights obtained from months of monitoring KPIs and engaging with your customers? Provided that you have worked closely with a reliable digital marketing agency on tracking the most relevant KPIs, now is the time to sum everything up in one comprehensive, actionable report.

You can start by crunching the numbers and compiling the raw data in order to get a bird’s eye view on the situation, knowing exactly how many followers your brand has gained, what caused a spike in engagement and awareness, which posts were liked and which were disliked the most, etc. Next, you want to use these findings to drive your video innovation strategy, not to mimic your past successes. Remember, you cannot repeat the same level of success with similar content, you need to innovate instead.

Set clear goals for 2019

Every amazing marketing strategy needs a set of clear, attainable goals. These goals need to fall directly in line with your company’s overarching goals and aspirations, otherwise you could jeopardize your brand’s consistency and reputation in the online world. Too often, business leaders will try to get overly creative with their video production strategy and create a piece of visual content that has nothing to do with their brand’s identity. Big mistake, and it could cost you dearly.

Your video marketing strategy needs to support your brand every step of the way (more on that in a bit), and it needs to help you reach your immediate goals. For example, increasing your social media following is a tangible goal, and so is increasing rankings on Google or reducing your bounce rate. These goals should shape your strategies, they should be time-bound and realistic, and they should fit in your financial projections.

Create a video marketing plan

Not that you have the knowledge and understand the goals, it’s time to finally build an all-encompassing video marketing strategy. Always keep in mind that “candid” and “unfiltered” maybe good enough for Instagram influencers, but it’s not good enough for a growth-oriented company. This means that you need a good production crew on your side. This is especially true for companies operating in severely-competitive markets, such as Australia.

Aussies are crazy for video content, which is why professional video production in Sydney and across the country has skyrocketed in recent years across the business world – companies are stepping up their game and as a result competitors are turning to professionals to stay in the race. A project planner, a director, an experienced crew, you need all of these people if you are to make quality video content that will resonate in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Embrace numerous video types

Another benefit of having a highly experienced production crew by your side is that you can easily switch between content types and styles without wasting resources, all the while keeping up with the posting schedule. Remember, innovation is not linear but rather undulating and sometimes unpredictable, which means that you should create numerous types of videos instead of sticking with the same old format.

Online audiences get bored rather quickly, so if you want to keep their fleeting attention spans focused on your brand, you will need to roll out quality content regularly. More importantly, it should be diverse. Don’t shy away from filming explainer videos, short skits, animated videos, promos, Q&As, narrations, and more.

Make your brand the star of the show

Finally, always keep the brand in the center of attention. Your company is a living, breathing entity, and as such it needs to have a unique visual appeal, a personality, and a distinct tone of voice that will establish an emotional connection between you and your customers. This powerful identity should be weaved into every piece of content you publish in the online realm in order to boost engagement and solidify brand consistency. No matter the type of video you’re currently producing, always remember to make the brand the star of the show.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the online world with each passing year. There is no better time than now to step up your video marketing game and make 2019 your most successful year to date.

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