5 Tips For Successfully Hosting A Vape-friendly Party

5 Tips For Successfully Hosting A Vape-friendly Party vape store
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5 Tips For Successfully Hosting A Vape-friendly Party | So, you are planning a party and have sent an invitation to all your friends. You’re super-excited to have a fun time with your dearest buddies. But do you know what can make your party even more exciting? Turn it into a vape-friendly party.

Vaping is no more just another hot trend in the market. Everyone from ex-smokers to people with anxiety issues has embraced the goodness of vaping. Thus, a vape-friendly party will make everyone more than happy. And if you have never planned such a party before, you have come to the right place. Read on to know more.

Create the Outdoor-Indoor Party Space

Vaping fills the room with clouds. But when the clouds come from several different vape flavors, the air tends to get quite cluttered with possibly conflicting and different smells. The right way to let everyone vape how and when they want is to keep this air circulation going. To ensure that, you need to keep the backdoor open and let the party spill onto the balcony or porch.

Also, an outdoor-indoor party is a good plan for the guests as many people tend to vape only outside as some kind of unwritten rule. It either stems from years of smoking habits or the landlord’s instructions. Thus, turn your deck into a welcoming spot. Plan your party at such a time that the flow from an indoor to an outdoor setting is seamless.

It will also ensure that all the vaping inside can dissipate nicely into the night air without lingering smell.

Match Vape Flavors with the Snacks Served

A fun way to incorporate vape into the party’s core is the way you stock the snack table. A few bags of chips and a stack of large pizzas are not the only things a fun vape party should have. Go ahead and pair flavorful snacks with flavorful e-liquids. In fact, why not use your favorite vape flavors as an inspiration for the snacks? 

Do you love s’mores and chocolates? You can have the flavor as both the e-liquid and an actual snack to enjoy. You will not have to work too hard to make the s’mores. Layout chocolates, graham crackers, and marshmallows on cookie sheets and put your oven to good use.

If you are into menthol and minty flavors, look for fun snacks like peppermint bars and candy canes. You can even have fruit-flavored or minty drinks on the table for this purpose. Fruity drinks will also go well with nude ejuice 120ml.

Set Up Your Vape Service Station

When over a dozen rigs come to a party, you can remain assured that someone will misplace something and someone will leak. Maybe someone else will also spill or lose out on the only flavor they brought to the party with them. There is no need to worry. You can offer peace of mind to your vaping party guests and create an excellent conversation piece by setting up a vape service station at a corner of the party.

So, layout a hand towel to create such an area of the service station that can absorb all spilled water or e-liquid at the time of cleaning. If you’re looking for a cleaning solution, simply mix a bottle of water and isopropyl alcohol. Along with this cleaning solution, you will need a washcloth, a couple of small bowls, a packet of cotton swabs, and a sizable roll of paper towels. The custom-rig vapers might also like a set of needle-nose pliers.

5 Tips For Successfully Hosting A Vape-friendly Party | So, you are planning a party and have sent an invitation to all your friends.

Prepare Beforehand For the First-Timers

There is a high chance that you will have one or two newbies at the party who will be excited to get in on the fun and see why everyone is going gaga over the e-liquids. Of course, you will have many experienced vapers at the party who will willingly share a puff of what they are using. 

As a host, you might also want to offer a first-timer something from your collection that you believe can enhance their experience. For instance, you might plan to set up a vape-tasting bar with several spare rigs that you have, a line of clean drip tips, and a selection of nicotine-free flavors.

It will help the curious and clueless first-timers try out several types of vape. They will get to discover their preferred flavor profile and vape in a way that suits them the best. You can have this paired with alcohol swabs for your drip tips, and the vape bar gets even more fun.

Let Everyone Come and Help With the Cleanup

You will also have to take the responsibility of making sure that everyone goes home with the vape bottles and rigs that they brought with them. 

It is a given that someone will misplace the e-juice bottle they brought; someone else will lose a piece of the vape, and then someone will take home someone else’s supply after the party. So, be ready to keep returning bottles and drip-tips to your guests over the next week as you find the bottles and stuff under the sofa or between couch cushions.

You can somewhat reduce the losses by reminding people as they leave to help clean up and search for missing things. Ensure to encourage your guests to check the pockets for any borrowed drip tips, bottles, and rigs. Ask some of your friends to shake down the couch, run the vacuum, and check under the furniture. You might even find a few of your lost vape rigs in the process of after-party cleaning.

The Endnote

And there you have it. That’s all you will ever need to know about having a vape party. It is easier than you have thought of, right? Thus, it is time to start making the arrangements following these five tips and surprise your friends or colleagues who love vaping. Get ready to have a blast. But, do not forget to go through all these tips for successfully hosting a vape-friendly party.

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