5 Things You Must Have in Your College Apartment

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Negosentro | 5 Things You Must Have in Your College Apartment | Maybe you are away from home for the first time, or maybe you have lived in a room off-campus for years, but you still need to know how to make your college apartment the perfect spot for study and socializing and know the rent trends in Indianapolis. These 5 things you must have in your college apartment will help you organize your new adult life in the best way possible.

1 – Organizing Furniture and Storage

Dorm rooms and college apartments are traditionally small and often shared with more people than would usually fit in the space. Choose furniture that is relatively lightweight, easy to move, and provides great organization and storage capabilities. Consider stacking cubes or convertible shelving for clothes, snacks, and textbooks.

A cluttered apartment can lead to a cluttered mind and higher degrees of stress. Sometimes as simple as bed risers and under-bed plastic totes can remove a lot of clutter from your view.

2 – Fast Computer Equipment and Internet

An old, slow laptop or internet service will leave you behind when it comes to both school work and socializing. Make sure your gear can keep up with a hectic college lifestyle. In fact, you might want to choose a college apartment that boasts the highest internet speeds available in the area. Do not forget to check cellphone service coverage for your network too.

To keep connected all the time, stock replacement cables, chargers, and other parts so you can replace them quickly if something fails suddenly in the middle of a big term paper.

3 – Every Textbook and School Supply You Need

Textbooks are a necessary part of college life and can be an expensive one. Consider saving money on textbooks that you can use for other things you need. Do not keep old, unneeded textbooks in your apartment, however. Sell those back to have more money for the following year’s books.

Do not forget plenty of school supplies like notebooks, printer paper, pencils, and pens. Despite so many things on the internet these days, you will still use them all the time. Keep them organized neatly in a desk drawer or bin on the shelf until you need them.

4 – Small Kitchen Gadgets for Fast Food

Even if you take many of your meals in the cafeteria, mess hall, or on-campus coffee shop, you will still want food and drinks at home while you are hanging out with friends or studying. Can you imagine the scramble to get ready for class in the morning without a hot cup of coffee waiting for you?

Unless you have a fully equipped kitchen included with the apartment rent, buy yourself smaller, faster gadgets to make things convenient. Unless your pad is the spot for frequent group study sessions or the hub of the social calendar, avoid massive cappuccino machines or full-sized microwaves.

5 – Homey Accents and Warm Comforts

Your college apartment may only house you for a year or two, but that does not mean it cannot feel homey and comfortable for that time. Feeling like a temporary tenant can cause undue stress when you are working hard to maintain a high grade point average and make connections with lifelong friends, romantic partners, and even future business associates.

Stock up on cozy blankets to stay warm, thick curtains or shades for your windows to increase privacy, and high-quality bath towels to get the spa relaxation experience after every shower.

Also, buy some decorations that make the space really feel like your own. Many college apartments will not let you nail or pin things to the wall, but you can still hang prints with sticky tape. Display a few knick-knacks or picture frames with family and friends in them.

Every college apartment is different. Some are spacious and well-appointed while others are little more than holes in the wall crammed with roommates who always seem to get in the way. When you first move in, make sure you have these five tings every college apartment must have to feel like your home. They will improve your experience living there, increase comfort, and give you everything you need to succeed with this stage of your life.

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