5 Symptoms That Scream Your Business Needs An Explainer Video

Mario and Luigi

Deepasha, Negosentro |

  • Are you thinking of new ways to target your customers?
  • Does your product or service need an explanation for the customer?
  • Is your landing page conversion low?

If your answer to even one of the above is yes, then irrespective of being a start-up, a small business or an established company, the solution is to include explainer videos to your digital strategy now. These popular short animated videos are used by many companies to introduce a new brand, explain a product or service offering, and show prospective customers how a product can solve their problem or need. These videos are engaging, effective and what more, economical to create.


Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool and if you haven’t tried it, then below are the reasons for making them a part of your marketing strategy:

For higher conversion rate 

An explainer video is an excellent tool for businesses that face the problem of low conversion rates. These videos that clearly highlight the product or service benefits, features, and how the product can be used to solve a particular problem or fill a gap, help to increase the understanding of the audience. They also add character and personality to your message with their animated graphics, something that isn’t possible with text. According to Unbounce (1), an animated explainer video can increase conversion rates by 20%.

Explainer videos also help to improve the web traffic as people tend to stay longer because of the eye-catching footage and hence, resulting in lower bounce rates. Companies can measure useful metrics like how long users watched the video, when they took action, and how many views a video had, which help modify future videos and adjust call-to-action that help increase conversion rates.

To Boost search rankings 

Your website needs to have a remarkable presence on Google to get a great ranking. For this, you need to take into consideration the amount of time your visitors spend on it. Therefore, to boost your visibility online, creating a good explainer video acts as a powerful medium for your company. These videos help add that extra time to user visits that play an important role in the ranking of the page. As per yumyumvideos (2) a good animated marketing video can boost your visit times by 2 minutes on an average, which is close to a 1500% increase!

Also, adding these videos to the homepage can help attract new traffic to your site as longer stay by visitors mean, Google and any other search engine positioning your website higher than others.

For promoting through sharing 

Animated explainer videos are a perfect resource for online marketing campaigns as they are one of the most shared marketing content. So, if someone likes what they’re watching, then the chances of it being shared with others are high. This act of sharing results is an additional, impactful, and free marketing strategy for your brand.

However, for making an explainer video shareable, you need to take care of the content that is being created throughout all of your channels i.e. landing pages, blog posts, social media channels, etc., so as to effectively communicate and encourage your visitors to share it. Thus, being aware of the power of these videos is essential to make the most out of them.

Building brand awareness and credibility

Explainer videos give your brand an identity and add credibility to it. When people watch your video they relate to your company more as it shows them the different aspects of your business, how you work, your objectives, your dedication and your roadmap to success. These custom-made videos humanize your brand and turn mere audiences into willing customers to even brand evangelizers. The clear and concise messaging of these short videos builds trust and customer loyalty amongst new and existing customers.

 Bring Clarity to Offerings

Small businesses and startups differentiate themselves by building and introducing novel products or services to the market. But, the biggest challenge for them lies in launching these products or services without a competitor to point at or for reference. Thus making it even harder to convey to buyers the USPs or benefits without a visual overview. For a scenario like this, explainer videos are an apt choice as their engaging visuals help showcase a new or even a complex idea in an entertaining way. This can help brands sell effectively as the videos clearly and quickly state their offering.


The success and popularity of explainer videos are because of its visual appeal, higher conversion rates, and online brand visibility, and that’s why more and more companies are relying on them.

So, to see the results, make them a part of your business now.