5 Small Ways To Make Big Improvements to Your Sales Funnel

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5 Small Ways To Make Big Improvements to Your Sales Funnel | Sales funnels are used extensively in the business world because they work well. Unfortunately, many sales funnels fall short, leaving behind a trail of unmet business goals. Don’t scramble to find answers to appease the upper management; nip it in the bud with these actionable tips for improving your current sales funnel.

  1. Awareness Stage: Attract Them With Media

The awareness stage is at the top of the sales funnel, which focuses on making potential customers aware of your product or service. It is a vital part of the sales process and is one of the most important ones. When people realize your product exists, they can begin considering a purchase, which can take a few minutes to a few months. In short, it’s best to get in front of them ASAP!

In the digital era, everyone is online via apps and other electronic means. You will have to tailor your outreach activities to meet them where they are most likely to congregate: social media, YouTube, blogs, or other platforms are places to examine. A little research goes a long way, so target marketing channels that would theoretically get the most eyes on your product as possible.

  1. Considerations Stage: Engage Them Through Email

Prospects who are considering a purchase could use a little nudge in the right direction. One of the best ways to engage with customers is through email marketing. If a prospect trusts your brand, then they are more likely to give you their contact information. You can proceed to communicate with them further to entice them toward making a purchase.

One way to get their email address is to offer a freebie. Set up a landing page with an opt-in email subscription form to facilitate the exchange rapidly. If the prospect is interested in the freebie, they can submit their email address to obtain it. You will then have their email address stored in your subscriber list.

  1. Preference Stage: Pre-Qualify Them Through Education

Now is the time to flex your email marketing muscle! Your prospect has their freebie and is ready to receive your emails. You must use this opportunity to spiral them down the sales funnel as much as possible. Through the power of email, you can inform them about your product or service and answer any questions they may have.

An email autoresponder series can help your prospect become more familiar with your brand. Once you create an email series, send it out at defined intervals. Make the email series as long or as short as needed. Fill each email blast with information about how you can solve their problems.

  1. Purchase Stage: Allow Them Opportunities to Purchase

Now is the time to ask for a sale. Don’t be shy—your prospect is already primed and teetering on the edge of a purchasing decision. It may require some creativity to get them to make a purchase, but the good news is that there are many ways to give it your best effort.

The easiest way to make a sale is with a call-to-action button. Present these liberally throughout all of your resources, from email newsletters to checkout pages. Your prospect will have ample opportunities to purchase with buy buttons readily available. You may also launch promotions that include discounts or coupons to tempt them further.

  1. Loyalty Stage: Lead Them To Buy Again

Customers who purchase from you once are more likely to buy again, and business thrives on repeat customers. Stay fresh on their minds with referrals, resells, upsells, cross-sells, and reminders. Each tactic can create more opportunities for sales, so use them where you see fit.

Improve Your Sales Funnel the Right Way

Your sales funnels help your business but need constant attention and tweaking. Set it up correctly to increase your opportunities for sales while also mitigating unnecessary risks. A strong funnel can bring in massive success. Use these tips to boost conversions in your sales funnel.

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