5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Public Accounting Over Private

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Negosentro.com | 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Public Accounting Over Private | Being an accountant is a rewarding profession that offers a number of career opportunities, as well as career paths. It can be difficult to know which direction to take, and a number of accounting graduates end up wondering whether or not they should be a private or public accountant.

These two main areas within the field of accounting offer a professional the opportunity to either work for a specific company (private), or for a variety of clients as a certified public accountant (CPA). While a private accountant works with processing a company’s transactions, public accountants do things like analyzing accounting systems or collecting evidence to test and see if a business is running effectively.

Many accountants end up in the private sector, but there are a number of reasons you may want to start a career in public accounting – here are five of them.

1. A Diverse Experience

Public accountants usually get the opportunity to work with clients in a number of industries, whereas private accountants only work for one company meaning that they will usually only work in a single industry. As well, a private accountant may be limited to working on limited accounting functions that only pertains to their role. In contrast, a CPA will gain work with business of different sizes and accounting needs, meaning that their experience will be more diverse.

If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of multiple accounting functions, then the public role is more for you – especially if you are considering starting up your own firm in the future.

2. Faster Career Growth

Public accountants typically have more of an opportunity to advance their career relatively quickly. In contrast, private accountants tend to develop skills and experience career growth slower because they are working with fewer clients and are limited to the skills and knowledge of their job function.

As a CPA you have the opportunity to gain more hands-on experiences with multiple job functions within a number of industries, which is something that can help you advance your career and increase your earning potential.

3. Job Security

Both private and public accountants have relative job security, as accounting is something that will always exist and is a service that will always be required. There’s even more security as a CPA, though, because you have more career options and can even work for yourself if you wanted.

4. Not Your Typical 9 to 5

Over the years the role of public accountants has changed. Not only is there a variety of work available but many of the opportunities are interesting and unique. You’re no longer limited to just sitting at a desk crunching the numbers and can even end up working with celebrities if you’re lucky.

5. Opportunities to Travel and Network

A lot of time as a public accountant will be spent out of office meeting with clients, giving you the opportunity to travel. You can also use this time to network with many different professionals from a variety of industries.

Find Your Career

Interested in being a public accountant? If so, get connected with a financial recruiter – they’ll be able to find the perfect job for you.