5 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Salon Software

5 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Salon Software How To Modernize Your Business How to Choose the Right Software for your Business Negosentro | What is the future of PLC in industrial automation? 6 Ways To Protect Your Business Software The 3 Biggest Benefits of Using SaaS Software How Service Businesses Can Use Software to Automate Their Scheduling Needs

5 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Salon Software | From the recent statistics, it is abundantly clear that the salon management software market is poised to grow at a healthy rate of 7%, annually and by 2025 touch a record USD 890 million. A single look at this figure is good enough to explain that the beauty & wellness industry is no child’s play and that the competition is fierce. While you may have realized the importance of technology adopting salon management software to run your operations, you still need to ask yourself, “Is my business future-ready and equipped to survive this cutthroat competition?” If the answer is overwhelming, “No” then this blog is for you. Read along to know why the world around you is fast moving to a cloud based salon software and why is it vital to keep your business updated with the latest technology. Listed below are the top 5 reasons to switch. 

Ease of Use 

In the recent past, setting up salon software meant buying the program, a host of necessary licenses, and compatible hardware. This was followed by the arduous task of data migration from an existing system to the new one. Overall, it was a significant endeavour. In stark contrast to traditional salon software, a cloud based salon software is quite literally designed as a plug and play tool. All it needs is the internet and it can work on any device such as a laptop, a tablet, or even a phone. No longer do you have to deal with issues such as setting up and maintaining the IT hardware nor do you need a full time IT manager. The maintenance and upgradation of the IT infrastructure is the responsibility of your cloud service based salon software provider. Consequently, not only do you have fewer things to worry about but also save on recurring IT related expenses. Further, due to its plug and play design the cloud based salon software has an easy learning curve thus enabling you and your team to start using it almost instantaneously. 

Anytime Anywhere Access

In a fast paced world, everyone wants everything at his or her fingertips. A cloud based salon software makes that possible. So long as you are connected to the internet, you can have access to your business data. Guests can book appointments in a few clicks, staff can see their work schedule over phones, managers can see the day’s business visibility and you can ascertain the performance of your business to take care of critical issues. All of the above, on the go. A cloud based salon software empowers your business to respond to guests 24×7. No longer do they have to either walk-in or call to confirm appointments, hang around to settle invoices, and wait to provide feedback. The cloud based salon software allows them to do it anytime and from anywhere. 

Real Time Reporting

A cloud based salon software turns the idea of real time reporting into reality. Irrespective of the medium the guests choose to book an appointment, a cloud based salon software assimilates it all by real time data transfers into the centralized database to provide you with real time information. Sales reports, customer trends, marketing effectiveness, payrolls, commission payouts – and many more. With cloud based salon software you can generate on-demand reports for every aspect of your business. Additionally, since every data is stored in one place the software can easily create customized location specific reports for individual store locations and a comprehensive summary to equip to take data driven decisions. 

Data Security

Security of data is a top priority. Cloud software provides high level of security from both internal and external threats. Unlike a traditional software where the onus of security upgrade lies on both the developer and the user, in a cloud based salon software the onus lies solely upon the developer. Further, as the data is no longer stored in local devices the chances of loss of data due to either theft by staff or due to hardware failure is eliminated. Moreover, as the developer frequently upgrades the security features, and release it across the board, it is available to you almost instantaneously. Some cloud based salon software such as the one from Zenoti come with additional game changing features such as role based data access, and geo-fencing. These features create additional layers of security to help you run a fool proof system. 


One of the prime ways that a cloud based salon software differs from a traditional one, is that the former works on the concept of “pay-as-you-go” subscription model. In other words, you pay or as few or as many features that you prefer to use. Based on your business requirements, you can activate and de-activate modules for use. Additionally, by eliminating the requirement of a robust and expensive IT infrastructure, buying of software and licenses, the cloud based salon software ensures that your initial sunk in cost is low. 

Such high is the popularity of cloud based salon software solutions that, in the US alone, more than 40 such products are available. The flexibility, security and state of art features of a cloud based salon software have made it the most preferred salon management solution. Amongst the renowned names in the industry we like Zenoti cloud based salon software because it provides end to end solution. If you want to know more about how Zenoti can transform your business, read our blog post on “5 Reasons to Switch your Salon POS Software to Zenoti” 

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