5 Reasons to Rent One of Chicago’s Amped Kitchen’s Creative Spaces

5 Reasons to Rent One of Chicago’s Own Company Small Business Growth Through Innovation
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Negosentro.com | 5 Reasons to Rent One of Chicago’s Amped Kitchen’s Creative Spaces | It has been hard to see the restaurant and food-creation community suffer during the pandemic. What has occurred during the past few months has been unprecedented in modern times. So many vibrant cities have seen their iconic restaurants close, some permanently.

Chicago is no exception. Like New York, LA, and other foodie destinations, it has such a diverse and thriving restaurant and food-creation culture, and many of these businesses have shuttered over the past year. However, the pandemic’s end is in sight, and one company, Amped Kitchens, hopes to bring Chicago’s marvelous culinary scene back to life.

Let’s take a few moments to talk about Amped Kitchen’s business model, and we’ll also list some reasons why now is the best time to get on board with them.

What Can You Expect from Amped Kitchens?

If you want Chicago shared kitchen rentals with private prep space, look no further than Amped Kitchens. This rental company:

  • Has several buildings and many rental spaces around the country
  • Wants to rebuild Chicago’s devastated food-creation niche

Amped Kitchens is seeking new tenants to move into its latest building, which has a convenient Northwest Side location. You can easily access it from the O-Hare/Rosemont area, as well as Logan Square, Oak Park, and Albany Park.

They have 64 production spaces, and each one is ready for immediate occupancy. These are state-of-the-art facilities that all kinds of food creation specialists will soon snap up as the city’s food economy roars back to life.

Now, let’s look at five specific reasons you should rent one of their spaces.

They’re Offering Two Free Months Right Now

If you act before the year ends, you can get two free months of rent at their new location. You must:

  • Sign up for at least a year
  • Sign up for a tour by January 31st

If you have a food-creation business plan, think about what you can do with two rent-free months. You can locate some investors, hire your employees, plan your menu and food transportation methodology, set up your first ad campaign, and open up social media accounts for your endeavor.

They Have a USDA Office Onsite

If you have ever worked in food creation or the restaurant industry before, you know how vital getting USDA approval can be. Amped Kitchens has a USDA office onsite.

Amped Kitchens has the infrastructure so you can get a USDA grant of inspection whenever you need it. This will be useful for those of you who include beef, chicken or pork in your products regardless of whether you plan to distribute your wares throughout Chicago or whether you’ll be taking your goods nationwide.

You Can Create Kosher Food in this Environment

Maybe you need to set up a Kosher-friendly food creation space. Perhaps you want to have some gluten-free options. Maybe you’re using only certified organic ingredients in your products.

You can do all of that in these exclusive kitchen spaces. They are ready for all kinds of food prep, which should delight both your customers and employees.

There are Conference Rooms and Co-Working Spaces

You can get the right size kitchen space you need, but you also have conference room access. You can sit down with your employees whenever you need to. You can talk about what’s working when you’re a few weeks into production, and you can speak about what areas you’d like to improve.

There are also co-working spaces if you’d care to collaborate with one of your neighbors. Creative, world-renowned chefs will surround you. When you have that camaraderie and closeness, you’ll want to try joint efforts.

Think about what new food items and menus will come out of these pairings. You might meet some new friends and collaborators for life.

There Are Multiple Staffed Loading Docks

You’ll also need to be able to get your raw materials into the building quickly and easily each day. You’ll only want the freshest ingredients, and Amped Kitchens has multiple loading docks so that you can do that.

You can also use them to move your finished products out, so you can send them around the city or further afield if that is your business model.

There is also a staffed warehouse space if you need to store some products temporarily. Your employees even have easy public transportation access, and the expressway is nearby. There’s onsite parking if you drive to work.

Amped Kitchens is one of the entities that is working hard to bring Chicago back. If you’re passionate about the food industry, you can do the same when you sign a lease with them.

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