5 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Painter

Commercial Painter
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Negosentro.com | 5 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Painter | Looking for the best paint crew to come into your home and paint can be stressful, and maybe even a little scary.

Welcoming just anyone in your home can bring some scary thoughts on what might happen.

But with this list of the top questions to ask your commercial painter, we hope to relieve some of that stress by just simply asking the company these 5 questions. Based on their response will show their true colors.

Asking these questions will likely weed out the good from the bad, so without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Question 1: Should I be Concerned With Your Crew In My Home?

This is a great question to ask the company as it will push them to give you their best crew. 

The unfortunate truth is that some employees have burglarized, injured, or even killed the homeowner. It was almost always found later that the employee had a criminal record that nobody knew about.

When asking this question be sure to bring up the employee’s past work, if they do background checks, and if they’re trustworthy.

It’s important to dig deeper with every question to see how much they really know. This will prevent some lies.

Based on their responses determine if they’re good or not. If they seem shaly or hesitant with answers its probably best to choose another contractor.

Question 2: Do You Have Insurance?

This is a perfect question to ask because of one simple reason.

Every painting contractor must have at least 2 types of insurances. 

The first is Comprehensive Business Liability which protects them up to a million dollars in damage.

The next one is Workman’s Compensation, which protects you and the works from liability. This is an important one to ask because it’s expensive and a lot of contractors will try to work without it.

You should never work with a contractor that doesn’t have the proper insurance. If you feel they’re not telling the truth you can check the status of their insurance at www.csib.ca.gov

Question 3: How Long Is Your Warranty, What’s Covered, And How Is It Funded?

Asking your contractor this question will show their expertise and if they’re telling the truth. 

Unfortunately, some companies will completely lie about their warranty. A lot of times they give out completely unrealistically long warranties such as 10 to 20 years. 

1-year warranties are the most common. Any warranty above 2-3 years, it’ll be important to look at the fine print as that’s not very common. 

Most warranties have exclusions so be sure to find out what will be covered if anything goes wrong. 

The last tip is to be sure the warranty is in writing and available for your review. If not, then its probably best to go with a different contractor.

Question 4: Can You Show Me References, Previous Work, And Accreditations?

Because these should be professionals that you’re working with, they should have some examples of previous work.

Its highly unlikely that you would be their first project as a company. Its also unlikely that they have no previous work at all. Companies will likely take pictures of their work for marketing and to show future clients.

All contractors should carry their insurance, BBB membership, and some examples of their work. Without those three things its best to go with another contractor.

Question 5: What Materials Will You Use?

If the contractor you’re working with is truly a professional, they will use professional materials. A legit contractor will know what paints, tools, and techniques will be best for every situation.

Some contractors will try to take advantage of you by saying they use high-quality materials when they’re really going cheap. So, be sure to do some research on the materials they claim are quality.

Another tip is that just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean its quality. A great contractor will know the perfect point that’s high quality, yet affordable. To know more details about DIY painting tips, painting materials reviews and guide, check this awesome blog.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a painting company, be sure to ask them these 5 simple questions. Based on their response it’ll be pretty quick to determine if they’re legit.

Always be sure they have the right qualifications. Without the proper paperwork, they cant legally work so avoid them at all costs. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to letting strangers into your home. When you find the right company all the questioning will be worth it as you’ll receive a high-quality paint job done by some great people!

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