5 Potential Problems To Consider Before Joining the Co-Working Crowd in Sydney

5 Potential Problems To Consider Before Joining the Co-Working Crowd in Sydney How To Use Your Smartphone To Unwind After A Busy Day Of Business

5 Potential Problems To Consider Before Joining the Co-Working Crowd in Sydney | Vacating commercial offices in favour of co-working spaces in Sydney is projected to become a new normal. According to Commercial Real Estate, Australia’s percentage of “flexible workspaces” could nearly triple by 2030. So why are companies opting to forgo the traditional brick-and-mortar monthly lease? There are benefits for both employers and workers in these club-like workplaces that offer desks and offices for rent, open floor plans and attractive perks. Employers can save money by allowing employees to work virtually and gather only when needed in co-working spots. And co-working arrangements allow small start-ups the flexibility of only paying for what they need as their businesses grow. Oh yes, and the previously mentioned “perks” vary from place to place, but you can expect offerings such as free coffee, juice bars, yoga classes, happy hours and pet-friendly facilities. It sounds pretty idyllic but before you commit to a membership at a “flexible workspace”, know some caveats.

  • Hidden Costs

Be sure to find out precisely what is included in your membership or rental fees. Some places will have all services included in their prices, while others might use an “ala carte” approach where you pay different prices for printer paper or reserving rooms for meetings. Think about what extras you are likely to use versus the things you won’t need. Then find a place that offers your preferred amenities at a reasonable price.

  • Noise and Distractions

Co-working environments with open floor plans, grouped seating arrangements and bad acoustics are not ideal for folks needing silence to concentrate. Unless you can discipline yourself from distraction, you might want to reconsider making co-working a permanent set-up. Between ping-pong matches, casual chats, and pets running around, it’s difficult for anyone to stay on track all the time. For some workers, the noise is a welcome break that refreshes and entertains them momentarily until they can go back and plug away at their job. For others, all this activity can derail what could have been a productive day.

  • Lack of Privacy

If any of your daily work interactions involve phone calls or meetings requiring discretion, then you might need to battle for privacy. Unless there are booths or walled-off offices, you might not be able to keep things on the down-low.

  • Personality Conflicts

Inevitably, you might not get along with someone in any job setting, including co-working space Sydney. And this is no different if you’re co-working. However, if you’re assigned to one rented desk located in a communal area, it might be hard to avoid the annoying person. Also, keep in mind that there is no universal HR department dealing with the squabbles.

  • Possible Tech Problems and Lack of Resources

At some facilities, co-workers encounter difficulty with reserving meeting rooms due to high demand. You might also need to check for adequate lighting and office furniture. To avoid slow internet, you can ask management about connectivity speed, but you might get a better answer from the workers already there. Onsite tech help might be available, but it’s not guaranteed.

Most fans of flexible workspaces say they are more motivated when surrounded by other creative people. Instead of sitting in a lonely cubicle, they prefer group chatter and brainstorming in shared work areas. Also, when you’re side-by-side with new faces from various industries, you might have continual networking opportunities. If this environment appeals to you, consider the possible issues listed above and research several different facilities before you commit to a membership. Maybe working in a flexible world will be a perfect match for you and your company?

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