5 No-Brainer Reasons Why Video Marketing is the Way to Go for B2B Companies in 2019

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If haven’t watched videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram or Facebook, then you’re probably living in a cave or simply not interested in where the world is at today.

But hey, it ain’t too late. If you’re in the B2B industry then here’s some good news. You still have time to catch up and get more customers for your business using video marketing. So, if video is truly important these days, here are some reasons why you should pay attention. Read on.

#1 Research says video consumption is ever on the upswing.

According to WARC data, the number of people watching videos has steadily climbed through the years and is approaching almost half of total internet consumption as of August 2018. Video consumption is seen to hit 46.7% by 2020, with mobile driving consumption. Cisco predicts that by 2021, video consumption will make up 82% of internet traffic. If that’s not enough for you to get a second look, what will?

#2 Video marketing is no longer a costly endeavor for marketers.

The rise of social media videos has allowed marketers to leverage on the cost that needs to deliver their message. Instead of spending huge amounts of cash on the production and especially the media placements, B2B companies are now finding it much cheaper and more effective to jump on video marketing on social media. There is no longer a need to use sophisticated tools and hire an expensive Hollywood-grade crew to produce the videos. Some videos, in fact are produced using mobile phones with high-end cameras and appropriate lighting. Placing the videos on TV is almost a thing of the past. Social media allows placements to be free, albeit the cost of boosting the videos on social media are still a necessity. Then again, that’s for a fraction of the cost of a 30-seconder TV spot, right? Peanuts!

#3 Easy-to-get metrics allow faster reports and the corresponding need for tweaks

Since video marketing entails the use of social media, there are easily available social media tools that can be used to check a video’s effectiveness. In fact, this makes things easier for marketers given the cost of creating one and tweaking it if necessary. Even the use of a particular social media platforms allows data to customize video outputs. This is also one of the reasons for the growth of video as a tool for B2B marketers. The data have shown the rise of engagement on videos, thus, allowing the growth of video as a marketing weapon for marketers.

#4 Video sells.

Have you ever seen the Youtube video from the Dollar Shave Club back in 2012? That one was ultra-popular that it became a global sensation. Did it sell their one dollar razors? They did for sure. The company was sold to Unilever for 1 Billion Dollars in an all-cash transaction in 2016. How did they do it? The video was played by its CEO and Founder Michael Dubin with a comedy-inspired theme. They sold memberships with the promise a creative and relatable solution to buying razor blades. But really, Dollar Shave Club sold happiness through its video. Brilliant!

#5 Video marketing is about education, engagement and customer loyalty

It’s a no-brainer to assume that people love to watch videos. You’ve probably got a Netflix subscription to prove that. And for many, watching instructional videos are better than buying the book itself. It’s because there are certain formulas that agencies or production houses use to turn videos into both an art and a science. These almost certainly guarantee an ROI of your videos based on specific goals you place. When people are engaged, that’s the best time to educate them about your product or service. And once they’re convinced to purchase, your follow-up videos might as well build loyalty to your customers, together with your excellent products, services and systems that go with the sale.

Video marketing is not a novelty. It doesn’t need to go viral either. Remember that the heart and soul of your marketing and customer acquisition is great content. The main goal of using videos in marketing these days is on the whole concept of content marketing — that’s educating while entertaining at a certain level your target audience. In the end, video marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy brings ROI to a whole new level as it brings in customer loyalty given the way it engages your audience.

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