5 Must-Haves for Women Entrepreneurs On-The- Go


Sophia Smith, Negosentro |  A career goal-getter is someone who is constantly multitasking, always on the go, always running from one meeting to another, checking off things of her to-do list and swiftly moving on to the next one. This woman is strong, powerful and most of all, supremely organized. Yes, life is constantly throwing curveballs and challenges her way, but she is ready with an imaginary bat to knock them all out of the park. Still, in order to be ready for every situation, anticipated or unforeseen, she needs a few secret weapons – the aforementioned ‘imaginary bats’.

So, ladies, in order to prosper and have your professional lives run more smoothly, there are certain items you simply must have to help you along the way, so let’s discover what these mandatory possessions are and make sure they’re with you at all times.

The emergency kit

This may or may not seem a tad unfair, but the way we present ourselves has a major impact on our professional performance, as well as our chances of career advancement. Aside from the importance of being well put-together attire-wise and be dressed in a manner that your job requires (which also has an effect on your levels of efficiency), studies have shown that women who wear makeup – appropriate makeup for the given situation and work environment of course, are perceived as more likable, professional and trustworthy.

This brings us to the emergency kit. It should contain everything from breath mints, a compact mirror, needle and thread (in case of a wardrobe malfunction), deodorant and sanitary products, as well as a few makeup essentials for quick touch-ups. Things come up, which is why you should be prepared for mishaps before they even arise. Presentation is everything.

Type A essential

A woman who’s not always on the go but has a full plate at all times can’t possibly remember all her appointments, brilliant ideas and plans for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. You have too many ‘current’ issues on your mind to keep all the future ones in your brain too. This is precisely why every super-organized woman who’s always got her A-game on needs a great yearly planner in her office. It keeps all the tasks, plans and timelines in one place and helps you navigate the waters, make alterations and stay on top of progress at all times.

Power up

We’re all aware that smartphones can sometimes be even better than laptops. They’re easier to carry around and have all the apps and advantages of a laptop. They do have a flaw – the battery life seems to be shorter with every new phone that’s released on the market. Either that, or we rely on them so much that they simply can’t survive the weight of our day. This is why investing in a good and dependable power bank is crucial. There are important emails you can’t afford not seeing, messages to respond to, calls to take and even reports to draft. This little thing will save you from many a meltdown and keep your head above water.

Don’t be oblivious to your health

Admit it, how many times have ‘things that just popped up at the last minute’ required your immediate attention, resulting in you skipping a meal? You are well-aware that you can’t function without fuel. When we’re hungry, whether we’re aware of our hunger or not, our concentration levels drop due to the dip in overall energy levels. You can’t afford to weaken your immunity and compromise your productivity, so always keep some healthy snacks in your bag. They might not be a proper meal, but they will give you that infusion of instant energy to tie you over until you find the time to eat something real.

Health, take 2

In this day and age, most of our professions entail spending a great deal of time glued to our desks, starring at either a computer or a mobile phone screen. In order to keep your eyes good and healthy for the future, but also to avoid eye fatigue and subsequent headaches, it’s paramount to invest in quality eyewear that protects you from the harsh lights of your computer screen, whether or not you have a prescription. Trust us, you will notice the difference almost immediately.

Bonus: a businesswoman who’s on the go absolutely needs a phenomenal bag that isn’t only sturdy and strong enough for everything she carries with her daily, but also one that is stylish and chic – remember the lesson on the importance of presentation. Make sure you invest in one of this year’s picks of top office bags, and snag one so your busy schedule never gets in the way of your style.

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