5 Modern Interviewing Techniques to Prepare For

Mitzi Ilagan, Negosentro | The HR industry has not been left out in this fast-paced world. Due to the rapid development of technology, a lot of changes have been made in their ways. One of which is with hiring, wherein the usual sit-down interview has become something that’s more interactive and challenging.

Modern Interviewing Techniques

1. Looking into an applicant’s social media profiles
One of the modern interviewing techniques that many HR people follows is reviewing an applicant’s social media profile. Their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram could reflect how they are as an individual. What they post or repost could say much on what they believe in.

2. Video interview
Gone are the days of phone interviews. Now, one of the modern interviewing techniques is video interview or conference. Through this, HR officers could see how an applicant responds to his questions through the screen. This is a quick and efficient way to save time and money as all you need to use are your laptop/computer and the internet.

3. Evaluation through brain-teasers and problem-solving tasks
Aside from the usual question and answer portion, one of the modern interviewing techniques today is letting an applicant answer mind-boggling questions, which are related to what he’s applying for. The employers sure think that applicants are well rehearsed to answer usual interview question, so they ask situational or problem solving tasks for him to answer.

4. Multiple interview rounds
HR managers would surely want to hire the best talents, so they conduct multiple interview rounds for certain applicants. They do this technique to candidate to whom they see potential. They ask for the management’s opinions to be able to filter out who perfectly fits the company.

5. Hands-on activities
On the final level of the interview, some employers let applicants do test-runs and hands-on activities. If you’re applying to be a writer, you would probably be given a writing task under time pressure. If you’re into the IT industry, you might be asked to input codes or solve a problem within a website.

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