5 Latest Powerful Motivational Tools in the Workplace

happy-customer Motivational Tools

As you build your company and hire new employees, it is quite important that they stay motivated and engaged in order to do well. A disengaged employee does not only drain your resources but they can also create a culture where no one is inspired or motivated to succeed.

Employee Empowerment

Finding new creative strategies in order to motivate employees is never easy. Sure, employers can keep their employees motivated and engaged with free lunches and company-hosted social events, but for employers who want something less conventional, then there are the latest motivational tools they can implement.

  • Learning Incentive

Employees who invest in their education and themselves over time will not only have a renewed sense of perspective and focus to their works but will also increase your bottom line.

Carrot And Stick Incentives Lead Manage

Cogna, a health insurer published a report that showed every dollar invested in their Education Reimbursement Program has generated a 129% return on investment. By providing employees the chance to have more education, companies can improve culture as well as profitability.

Learning incentives may come in various things student or tuition loan reimbursements, online courses or flexible schedules for pursuing classes and budgets for conferences. In case you have a low budget than can start by building a culture of learning like a library or online drive in order to share resources.

  • Gain Better View Of Individual Performance

As an employer, we all want a 360-degree performance management, but only a few of us have it. A talent management software can be a solution in obtaining a 360-degree view of individual performance. The major purpose of this software is to help managers gain a wider perspective on their employees.

Seeing more only means being able to do more! Not only does it facilitate an ongoing feedback as well as soliciting feedback, it can also help employees and employers to identify personal weaknesses and strength in order to create a competency framework for each individual and create a successful individual development plan. Plus, it makes the performance review process easier and quicker for both parties.

  • Facilitate Learning On The Go

No one wants to bring work home. However, sometimes it becomes necessary and some employees take work-related items outside the office. In this case, cue a mobile app. Mobile apps give employees the flexibility that they want and need in terms of file accessibility.

Using tech in the workplace which is mobile optimized is crucial when it comes to accessing important company documents and information when not in the office.

As a matter of fact, a 2013 survey estimated that organizations can see almost 40% boost in productivity if key enterprise apps were mobilized.


  • Increasing Collaboration And Sharing

Cloud-based file sharing tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive are gaining popularity within businesses both large and small. These tools can also be helpful when it comes in motivating employees to get things done by eliminating frustrations like spending too much time searching for files in a shared drive.

Google drive

Additionally, cloud-based sharing tools can keep track of who is working on what as well as encouraging collaborations and sharing among co-workers. Something that these tools have which traditional onsite file servers lack is the capability to remotely access files on mobile devices that makes doing business while on the go easier and faster than ever.

  • Fun Perks

Employee benefits and perks are a common part of all compensation packages. It is a standard for companies to offer benefits such as paid leave, health insurance, and flexibility. However, employees also hope to take the benefits to be taken to the next level.

Aside from paid sick days, performance bonuses, paid time off, health insurance, retirement pension or plans, some companies start to add more fun into offices by adding beer fridges, game rooms, rest areas, Barron clothing shopping gifts and more. Such a fun addition can charge an employee’s motivation, especially after an exhausting project or workload.

If this is not an option then just take the standard perks and double or might as well triple them. For instance, MOZ offers a PAID paid vacation and includes a $3000 per year vacation expense reimbursement plus paid time off. Netflix, on the other hand, offers unlimited paternity and maternity leave. And Adobe closes their company for one week over the summer and in December.

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