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Kristina Gordon, Negosentro | With the growth of smartphones, Facebook users have also increased over some past years. More information has added and spread through the internet. Many Facebook users use it for some years without knowing how unprotected their profile is. We can also not neglected that privacy setting is vulnerable on the internet.

Teenagers share their information and personal pictures to everyone without knowing them sometimes this personal information may destroy your lives in the future. For example, any person who wants to take revenge from you then they use your pictures and information for blackmail.  

Whether you use Facebook to do communication with friends and family share ideas and thoughts or to get the latest information. Every action that you do over the internet is recorded somewhere. But do not need to worry, here we are discussing the five privacy setting that helps you to manage your account privacy.


  • The Segmented Friend List


If your friend list has increased day by day then you need to segment your friend list as soon as possible. Because in your Facebook account you have added your college friends, schools friends, university friends, office staff, relatives for interaction. But as we all know that all status, pictures and other post are not for everyone and here you need some option that helps you to show certain post to specific people. So in such cases when you expose information unintentionally to all people may face problem in future. So prevent yourself from such cases go through this navigation. In your profile, click on friends, click on the drop-down list next to friends > here you create the new list or add the friend to the existing list.

Here you need to segment your friend list with more concern and at the best level. If you have too many friends may take sometimes but when you do this your life because become flawless and add and share pictures and status to your love once. You can customize more security features as per your need

Moreover when you organized your friend list effectively then you do not need to worry about your status and pictures. At the time of uploading, you can select which friend list category can see your status.

So when you organized your friend list you can easily apply to your status and pictures. Such as you wish to prevent your college friends to see the family pictures that you upload then if you make or categorized friends then you just select the group and post the status. Also, you can add a new friend to the existing friend list.

  • Set up login alerts

This feature is used to prevent your account from unusual activities. This option is for those users who know that they cannot use a public browser to access their Facebook Account. You can easily notify when someone does an illegal activity in your account.

by this approach you can save your account by setting up login alerts to secure your password as well as you will be aware if anyone will hack your account. Every user has three option for login alert through Facebook notification, SMS message or through email. If any user will be logged into your account through an unidentified browser and device.

So to do that setting, hit the mouse button on security option. Here you can set a login alert whether you choose the email address or phone number to get notify you.

But if you are more concern about your Facebook account then you can have the option to enable login approvals, in which you required login code. The code is sent via text message when you want to log in your account from unidentified browsers


  • Hiding from Facebook Search


Are you irritating from the huge list of friend request from the unknown person? Or you do not want that people can approach you from their friend list? if a user does not list their account on the Facebook search directory, then people will not able to stalk you from their friend list. But how you do that that’s a question?  

So to implement this setting into your account you need to navigate into your privacy setting page and hit the mouse button on “Edit Setting” after “How you connect”. There is an option appear which include whether you want to connect to Everyone, Friends of Friends and only Friends. Just Friends is equal to disappear from the irrelevant faces in the Facebook.


  • Hiding Wall Posts


you have right to decide which post you want to show to your friend and which post you do not want to show. Sometimes your friends write on your timeline like your relationship problems, financial troubles, and secret thing and all your friend can able to read that post. It may affect your personal lives and mentally disrupt. If you also face such problem then you glad to hear that you can customize your friend list who can see your post on your wall.

So to adopt this privacy setting go to the setting in “Timeline and Tagging” and hit the mouse button on Edit Setting. There is two approach to customize your wall post. One is who can post on your timeline and the second approach is what friends will see other friends post on your timeline.


  • Double-check what personal info you’re sharing publicly


Sometimes people can change their about section more than once over the months. So it is important to know how much your personal information share publicly. To check this what other Facebook users, who are not your friends can see your profile. Firstly go to your profile page, and then hit the mouse on the small three dots at the right button side of the cover photo. Here you select the option “View As”.

This option will see your profile as anyone can see your profile on the internet. Here you see what personal information you can share with the whole world.  Click the about tab to see the details.

If you have your original email address or phones number show publicly then you can change it. To modify this information again go to the profile, click on the about tab and click on the edit option next to information that you want to change it.

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