5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your HVAC Machines

Tips To Maintain Your HVAC Machines
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Negosentro.com | 5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your HVAC Machines | An HVAC system is an essential appliance that plays a crucial role in our home, especially during the year’s hottest season. It conditions the surrounding air, thereby making you and other occupants comfortable.

To avoid the inconvenience that comes with a faulty or malfunctioning air conditioner, you must carry out regular maintenance on your HVAC machines. Apart from saving you from the harsh weather, it also prevents you from incurring huge energy bills. An AC system that is not maintained correctly will consume more energy, thereby increasing your energy cost.

To avoid such a situation, you need to give your air conditioning system the attention it deserves. Replace damaged or worn-out parts as quickly as possible, and don’t hesitate to consult an experienced technician. With these simple tips below, you will extend the life of your machine while maintaining an optimal working condition. Here we go!

  • Change the Filters 

The part that blocks dust particles and dirt, preventing them from being circulated in your home, is the filter. Due to its function, the filter is always filled with dirt and particles that can clog it if you don’t clean this part regularly. Apart from that, a dirty filter will put pressure on your air conditioners, preventing them from working efficiently. To boost the performance of your HVAC machine, endeavor to clean the filter regularly and replaced it immediately once it is no longer effective. You can get a regular periodic supply of new air filters by going for a filter easy subscription. Below are some of the reasons why you need to change your AC system air filters regularly: 

  • Particles and dirt increase your HVAC machine maintenance cost.
  • Dirty air is harmful to your health.
  • Your home gets dirty when the filter is not working properly.
  • It reduces the lifespan of your appliance.

Tips To Maintain Your HVAC MachinesSource – Pixabay

  • Clean the Coils

Cleaning your HVAC system coils come with several advantages. Apart from boosting its performance, it also helps to reduce the cooling and heating costs. Other advantages you stand to gain by cleaning the coils regularly include better airflow, enhanced indoor air quality, top-quality operation, and many more. On the other hand, dirty coils can raise your energy cost and reduce the effectiveness of your AC unit significantly.   

  • Clean the Condensing Unit 

The majority of the HVAC machines come with a condensing unit located outdoors. This unit features a heat pump and fan designed to disperse heat. As a result of its direct exposure to the environment, the condensing unit metal fins often get blocked by grime, particles, and dirt. Hence, you must try as much as possible to clean this part at least once in a season to avoid dirt accumulation that may lead to airflow reduction and a decline in the system performance. Cleaning the outdoor condensing unit is pretty straightforward; all you need is a water hose, AC coil cleaner, water hose with sprayer, and eyes protection. Follow the steps below to clean the condensing unit: 

  • Turn the unit off
  • Turn off the main switch
  • Clean the debris on the external unit using a water hose spray
  • Spray the unit with coil cleaner
  • Allow the debris to bond with the foam by waiting for at least fifteen minutes
  • Rinse off the coil cleaner with the water hose Tips To Maintain Your HVAC Machines

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  • Keep an eye on the Condenser Unit Fan

The performance of your HVAC unit is dependent on the condenser unit fan; therefore, you must ensure that this part is working correctly at all times. When the fan blows, it reduces the temperature of the refrigerant gas. The AC unit won’t cool down the room once the fan is malfunctioning or not working. To prevent unforeseen downtime that can make you uncomfortable during the summer, you should always check your condenser unit to detect any fault. For instance, the fan is faulty whenever an unpleasant sound emanates from your HVAC machine. If you hear any weird sound coming from your AC unit, you should call a qualified technician immediately to examine and repair all damages.  

  • Consult an Expert for Regular Servicing 

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is essential to avoid costly damages and also save energy bills. However, you might not be able to achieve this aim if you don’t go for the services of an expert.  Qualified technicians have several years of experience in HVAC unit troubleshooting to detect and rectify faults. 

Furthermore, the frequency of maintenance also matters. Ensure that you service your air conditioning unit as recommended by the experts. This way, your unit will work optimally without disappointing you at any point.  

Here are some of what you should expect during AC system servicing: 

  • Cleaning the filter or installation of a new one
  • Gas connections will be examined if your HVAC system uses natural gas
  • Thorough cleaning of the condensing unit
  • The thermostat will be examined and calibrated if need be
  • Debris will be removed from the condensate drain
  • Electrical connections will be thoroughly checked 

Tips To Maintain Your HVAC MachinesSource – Pixabay


With proper maintenance of your AC system. You can significantly cut down on your repair cost and energy bills. Also, you will enhance the comfort of your home, especially during inclement weather.  On the other hand, failure to service your HVAC as when due can lead to shortening the lifespan of your appliance. Follow the tips explained above to keep your AC unit running effectively and efficiently.

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