5 Different Ways You Can Style a Poncho


Initially, ponchos came in heavy material meant to keep you warm during the winter. These were made by designers who have made ponchos for every style and occasion. A poncho can be confusing, especially when you are trying to pair them with ethnic clothing. This list is meant to give you an idea of the basic poncho designs and how you can style them.

Below are the different ways you can style a poncho.

The poncho

The poncho dress is a creative and modern ways of dressing.  If the poncho is long enough, you can wear it as a dress. The material should depend on the seasons. During summer, wear a light silk or velvet poncho with matching sandals. You would want to use a heavier material like cotton or wool for a winter look. As you know, ponchos come in a variety of designs and styles. The print and design you chose depends on the occasion and the look you want to achieve.  Boots, high heels and sandals pair well with this look. If you do not feel too comfortable, you can wear some tights or a legging below this dress

Here are some ways you can style a poncho as a dress

Bare poncho with long bootsBare poncho with long boots

Long boots ensure that your poncho is not too revealing. This outfit is modern and stylish. You can wear this to casual events like brunch, everyday activity, college and while you are hanging out with friends.

Poncho with heels and doll shoes

With a long poncho, you can create a more formal look for work and formal events. Ensure the poncho is knee-length for this look. If you are attending an office event outside the office, pair this look with some heels. For a normal work day you can wear doll shoes or pompoms to complete this look.

poncho with beltA poncho with a belt

A belt can go well with any poncho style.  If you are worried that your poncho is too large, you can style it up with a belt. The belt gives definition and shape to the heavy poncho. It also accentuates your thin waist. You can show your creative and bohemian style by dressing flowing kurti with a belt. The belt has to match the poncho’s color or print or else it will spoil the whole look. Do not use a belt with the same color or the poncho unless it is pre-installed. You can keep a narrow gap between the mid parts of a poncho if you want to show off the attire underneath.

Ethnic outfits that match with a belted poncho

A lehenga

When styled with a lehenga, the poncho creates a stylish indo-western look.  Ensure you pick out a lehenga in the same color range as the poncho. Adding a belt to your poncho defines your waist and gives you an hourglass figure in this look.


Pairing jeans with a poncho is a common indo-western look. Adding a belt will make this outfit unique, creative and stylish. Complete this look with heels or some ankle boots. Even though this look is more western than ethnic, you can wear it to most casual and festive events.
bohemian style

Chic, bohemian style

A bohemian look is perfect for a normal day when you are touring or carrying out your daily routine.  You can just throw a poncho over your outfit and you will be good to go. However, play close attention to the size, color and print of the poncho to make sure it is not contrasting that of your outfit.  The fit of your poncho and your outfit should be consistent; you want the whole look to look flowy rather than baggy

Let’s have a look at some outfits that will match this style

The kurti and poncho

A straight cut kurti with a poncho works well for a bohemian look. It is comfortable and laid back, but you can wear it to formal events like work and meetings.  A plain tulip shaped kurti From Stylecaret matched with an open kurti is a classy outfit that you can wear to formal events.

Lehenga and poncho

The best look for casual meetings is pairing a lehenga with a short, closed poncho.  The top underneath your poncho should be fitting, and if you are going for a bold bohemian look, you can choose a crop top instead.

Palazzo pants and poncho

The only way to make your palazzo and poncho ensemble bohemian is to add some prints and colors.  For those who are not used to mixing up different prints and patterns, you can start by matching block colors and patterns instead

A sheer poncho

a_sheer ponchoSheer clothes are my not be expensive, but they give an elegant and classy style to your outfit. You can wear them for both modern and traditional looks. The shear poncho is bold and beautiful for summer and festivities. The sheer allows other people to see the design of the garment underneath. You can wear sheer to any casual event, as long as it matches perfectly with your outfit

Here are some sheer poncho looks you should try out

Lehenga with sheer poncho

A lehenga with a choli, covered with a sheer poncho is the ultimate modern ethnic ensemble. You can wear this to festivals, cultural events and social meetings with friends or workmates. Complete this traditional look with a pair of sandals.

Kurti with sheer poncho

Some kurti designs have a permanent sheer poncho attached to its shoulders. The sheer poncho is light and classic making it comfortable for a day out in the sun. Choose a long Kurtis you can wear bottomless, to draw all the attention to the poncho top.

Asymmetrical poncho

Ponchos come in many style and design, the basic difference being in the design. You can find ponchos with different sleeves, hemlines and materials. The design and material helps you determine how you will style your poncho. Asymmetrical hemlines and sleeves are modern trends that look elegant and stylish when paired with ethnic looks. There are endless asymmetrical designs, let us look at some of the famous ones

The v-shape

This poncho forms a v-shape at the hemline of both the front and back sides.  It pairs well with jeans, jeggings, leggings, palazzo pants and cigarette pants for both formal and casual looks.


The front hemline of the high-low is high cut while the back hemline is low cut. This poncho looks good when paired with leggings or jeggings, and if the poncho is long enough you can wear it bare with boots.

Final word

Ponchos come in a variety of designs, this list may not cover all the styles available in the market, but it’s good for basic styling tips.

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